UAE National Archives Selects EverSuite

14th of October 2015 – UAE, Everteam, the leading provider of integrated enterprise content management (ECM) systems in the Gulf region, announced today that the UAE National Archives, one of oldest cultural institutions in the United Arab Emirates and the largest documentation center in the Arabian Gulf Region, has decided to implement EverSuite Correspondence solution.

For over forty years, National Archives has been collecting, documenting, indexing and translating valuable historical material related to UAE’s authentic cultural and contemporary issues in its history and heritage. Additionally, NA has been hosting and organizing local, regional and international conferences, symposiums and exhibitions.

National Archives UAE has long been having a hard time manually handling all types of incoming and outgoing correspondences, which is leading to higher business processing time, inefficient information worker allocation and increased cost for managing and monitoring this massive load of information. Therefore, it required a cutting edge ECM platform and correspondence Tracking System to help it in handling its enterprise-wide hurdles.

Due to its astonishing experience in the ECM field, National Archives UAE selected Everteam’s EverSuite Correspondence Management solution, which is expected to achieve the following benefits:

Improve the control of data integrity and authenticity by electronically archiving documents.

Provide easy and secure document access and retrieval.

Improve responsiveness, decision-making and turn-around time.

Improve accountability and transparency.

Improve knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Automate repetitive manual processes thus increasing overall business efficiency and productivity.

Streamline all internal, incoming, and outgoing correspondences.

Track correspondences lifecycle at various stages to help improve/ re-design business processes.

Automate document circulation within the organization.

“After successfully deploying EverSuite Correspondence Mangement system in numerous areas in the world, it is our great honor to collaborate with National Archives UAE in order to assist them in overcoming their organizational inconveniences, in addition to enlarging our extensive list of prestigious clientele”, says Mr. Hani Hannoun – Country manager of everteam.uae.

About National Archives UAE:

The National Archives, previously known as the National Center for Documentation and Research (NCDR), was established in 1968, upon directives from the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al-Nahyan, originally under the name of the “Documents and Research Bureau” and was affiliated with Al Diwan Al Amiri (the Ruler’s Court).

In 1972, its name was changed to the Center for Documentation & Research (CDR) and then, following Federal Decree No. (7) of 2008, it became the National Center for Documentation and Research and then, following Federal Decree No. (1) of 2014, the name was changed to the National Archives.

The National Archives collects valuable historical material relating to the United Arab Emirates in particular and the Arabian Gulf States in general. It also documents, indexes and translates the material collected and, based on that, it publishes specialized historical research. Moreover, it hosts and organizes local, regional and international conferences and symposiums in addition to holding related exhibitions both locally and abroad.

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