Business Activity Monitoring BAM dashboard

A New BAM Dashboard for everteam.ibpms 8.0

Process automation is beneficial to a business in so many ways, but it’s not as simple as automate the process and walk away. You need regular visibility into how a process is performing, so you resolve roadblocks or detect issues quickly or report regularly on process performance.

That visibility needs to be available to the business, and it needs to be available in real-time supporting the ability to make informed business decisions at the right time and take advantage of market opportunities when they happen.

Monitoring Processes with the BAM Dashboard

The latest version of everteam.ibpms introduces a new business activity monitoring (BAM) dashboard that will help you easily monitor your processes.

The business activity monitoring dashboard is an inexpensive and convenient way to enable process visibility.

In everteam.ibpms 8.0 the BAM dashboard is enabled by default, so all the administrator needs to do is configure it. The system administrator configures who has access to the dashboard and what processes they are allowed to view.

When a business user has access to the BAM dashboard, they view all the processes they have assigned to them.

Business users can also expand each process to view details;  how many instances of each process there, how long they lasted and when they completed.

The user can also drill down into the details of each process looking at things such as:

  What does the BPMN diagram look like
  What activities took place
  Current status
  What was started and what is left to do
  When is the process expected to end

Also, if there are any attachments on the process, the user can view them, and they can view the entire history of the process from who started it, to who approved it.

Process Monitoring for the Business

All BPM systems provide the ability to monitor processes, but in many cases, it is developed by IT within the system. There are also more complex reports available for Business analysts or IT, including ad hoc reports. But the business also needs a view into how its processes are performing so it can catch issues quickly and resolve them or adjust the process to work better.

This is the purpose of the business activity monitoring dashboard in everteam.ibpms 8.0, and it’s an important element to any BPM system. Gartner lists the ability to monitor the state of processes and process instances in real-time as a key component of an intelligent business process management solution.

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