OPEX 2018 and business transformation

OPEX Week 2018: Now I’m a Believer

I spent four days in Orlando in January, but don’t be jealous. I was at a trade event, the OPEX Week World Summit, where Everteam had a booth and a presentation.

I attended because some of the people who go to this particular event are our customers, and others work for companies who we would like to be our customers. And it is a well-run event, with lots of opportunities to learn and network.

But I would not be being honest if I did not share that going in, I felt like an imposter, like an outsider looking in. Here’s why.  The OPEX events are all about business transformation, and for the last several years, anytime I heard that phrase I said a quiet “whatever” to myself. The idea that “business transformation” represents anything more than the most abstract goal has been pretty alien to me.

Well, if I went in a skeptic, I came out a member of the cult. I listened, and I think I get it. The focus of the sessions and the speakers was essentially “how do you reinvent your business based on the current generation of technologies before someone else builds that business and takes you out.” And that’s a legitimate concern for any business.

My moment of transformation was during a presentation in the same tract that our session was in. In that particular session, an impressive and inspiring woman told the story of how Goldman Sachs has launched a personal loan business (Marcus) and is building it from the ground up as a digital business. Basically reinventing a grungy business leveraging the most up-to-date technologies.

The story was impressive because you could see clearly how hard it would be for the traditional players in that space to compete against a well-funded start-up with no legacy systems or culture to drag forward.

So in summary, I get it. So-called business transformation is a real thing, a major motivator for businesses to reinvent themselves, taking advantage of the technologies we now have at our disposal. And the motivation is enormous because what’s at stake many times is the survival of the business against disruptive outsiders.

The exciting part for me was, as the light bulb went on, I could see why we — Everteam — were REALLY there. Customers were eager to hear how our process automation solution could accelerate customer onboarding and reduce “time to revenue”, and to understand how our information governance solutions could help them ensure that they address compliance concerns as they migrate and decommission systems.

So I went in as a skeptic, left as a believer, and had lots of great conversations were the customers were explaining to ME why they needed software like Everteam’s. For me, it was the best trade show experience in a long time.

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