Partnership with Sitecore to Revolutionize Customer Interactions

Doha, Qatar – December, 2017An active service partnership signed between Everteam entity in Qatar (Ever Gulf CO W.L.L) and Sitecore, an arrangement with common advantages to both parties.

An active service partnership signed between Everteam entity in Qatar (Ever Gulf CO W.L.L) and Sitecore, an arrangement with common advantages to both parties.

Today, all companies are responsible for making sure the digital experience a customer goes through is sharp and seamless as we are in the digital age and there is no room for mistakes. An optimized web experience has the ability to communicate with consumers everywhere at any time of day. This experience can either make or break a customer’s journey with the brand. Therefore, improving the customer experience over the web is key. Everteam saw a collaboration opportunity with Sitecore in Qatar, and soon both companies knew they would benefit from it. Everteam has the perfect capability to implement its innovative solutions in the field of ECM and process automation, based not only on our partners’ creative concepts, but also on the accurate tools and resources put in our hands. Sitecore on the other hand would represent its passion for the relationship between business and consumers for a personalized customer involvement. This partnership serves to present a versatile customer experience and a remarkable support for parties involved in the digital experience.

Everteam, is always on the lookout to enriching its service portfolio through such partnerships. Being an international content services platform provider with a very vast portfolio including top clienteles in MEA, Europe, US, and Asia, leveraging “The Sitecore Experience Platform” would help Everteam achieve its objective whilst widening its customers reach. Opening new opportunities to create implement and support the digital marketing technology.

This partnership is expected to generate many exclusive solutions combining Sitecore strong involvement in a versatile digital customer experience with rich data and smart insights along with Everteam Content Services Platform & Automation Solutions.  As consumers expect a lot from digital business, the objective is to deliver a smooth end-to-end customer journey that starts from online channels such as the Web, Internet, or Mobile and ends in Everteam’s back-end content-enabled solutions. Helping organizations achieve their Digital Transformation Initiatives easily and effortlessly.

“We are all about digital technology at Everteam. Our partnership with Sitecore will enhance our end-user experience by tackling highly sophisticated customer touch-points such as up-to-date customer data available across the organization and real-time, multichannel support are key elements of a targeted customer experience.” Rony Oneissi, Vice President Expertise & Solutions at Everteam Global Services.

The current partnership covers the Qatari market, but the expansion within the Gulf and additional regions outside MEA, can be an option both companies would be considering in the near future.

About Everteam:

Everteam is the leading provider of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Solutions with over 25 years of experience and innovation in the field. Founded in nineteen ninety (1990) Everteam has sustained a positioning strategy in the industry which incorporates superior service quality, innovative solutions and proximity. With direct presence in the United States, France, the Gulf and Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Qatar, United Arab Emirates), and Singapore, Everteam connects people, process and content to improve customer experience, streamline business processes, optimize records management and adhere to compliance requirements.

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About Sitecore:

Sitecore is the global leader in experience management software that enables context marketing. The Sitecore® Experience Platform™ manages content, supplies contextual intelligence, automates communications, and enables personalized commerce, at scale. It empowers marketers to deliver content in context of how customers have engaged with their brand, across every channel, in real time—before, during, and after a sale. More than 4,900 brands––including American Express, Carnival Cruise Lines, easyJet, and L’Oréal–– have trusted Sitecore for context marketing to deliver the personalized interactions that delight audiences, build loyalty, and drive revenue.