The General Authority for Retirement and Social Insurance Close Collaboration with Everteam

[Press Release]Empowering People with Special Needs

The General Authority for Retirement and Social Insurance Close Collaboration with Everteam

Doha, Qatar – February 2018 – Everteam proudly designs a website for The General Retirement and Social Insurance Authority a solution optimized for people with disabilities.

The General Retirement and Social Insurance Authority has embarked many procedures to develop its electronic platform to provide more information services to its subscribers, retirees and beneficiaries of retired pensioners. The site is now able to answer all queries for those who are seeking information in addition to expanding their services and making the website friendly for people with special needs.

All the audio and video files on the website are readable files so that the subscribers or retirees with special needs or disabilities can find the content which contains important dialogues and statements that provide answers to the many questions citizens have about development and insurance. The site is also designed to take into consideration the colors for color blinded or with eye disabilities. Infographics have been replaced by simple text readable by the system with no pop-ups included making the interface simple and clear.

“The site complies with the standards of the Ministry of Communications and Transport in terms of website design and technical details which are also in line with Qatar’s strategic vision to improve speed and site performance. The site is also consistent with Google’s search algorithms in terms of technology and structure of locating the information making it easy to access and browse.” Said Therese Amoun (Account Manager at Everteam Qatar)

The development of the site assures the protection of the information available on it. The necessary security measures were taken and there was a keen interest in encrypting information when it was transmitted over the Internet. The site is subject to ongoing maintenance with constant updates. These updates are usually targeted at security and site performance improvements.

Work for this site has started in April 2017 until September 2017 followed by a trial launch period of one month before announcing the launch date official site. “We put a huge focus on working closely with MADA association who complies with taking global recommendations in order to allow people with special needs (those who suffer from hearing impairment or blindness) to surf the site with complete ease. This was definitely one of the most satisfying projects in Everteam Qatar” stated Hussein Abdallah, Country Manager, Everteam Qatar.

About The General Retirement and Social Insurance Authority (GRSIA):

The work of this authority is to strengthen social and economic protection, to consolidate solidarity and solidarity in society and to achieve maximum efficiency in performance by possessing the human, technical and financial capabilities appropriate to achieve its objectives and reach a prestigious position among its counterparts locally and internationally.