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Is Robotic Process Automation New? We’ve Actually Been Doing that for a While. . .

Robotic process automation is a hot topic lately, and that makes sense. We all want to automate processes or activities that don’t require human intervention. But we don’t need new technology to enable it.

The Demand for Robotic Process Automation

Robotic process automation is the application of technology to enable the automation of the capture or the interpretation of information without human intervention. Seems pretty simple. There are many activities within an organization that can be completed by machines talking to other machines. They can manipulate data, connect with other business systems to get more data, decision based on rules,  and can automatically trigger responses.

There has been an outpouring of vendors offering this kind of capability and organizations rushing to implement them.

Consider the business process outsourcing division of company that provides things like order to cash and procure to pay services. They decided they needed to cut down on the amount of manual work to deliver additional savings to the business. So, they went out and purchased a few different, “off the shelf” robotic process automation tools to help them. But now they are stuck because they have automated parts of these processes but have no way to “go the last mile” and integrate with underlying systems, pull the pieces into an overall process, and deliver the functionality to modern web portals and mobile applications.  So, now they must procure a business process automation tool.

But Wait! Robotic Process Automation is Core to BPM

Business Process Management (BPM) has been around for a while, and many organizations have gone out and purchased heavy duty BPM systems to help them improve process automation. One of the core capabilities of many of these systems is robotic process automation. In fact, traditional BPM greatly focused on automating repeatable processes that didn’t require manual intervention.

So if robotic process automation is already available within the BPM system, why go out and purchase a separate technology?

Many organizations do this because because they’ve spent a great deal of money implementing their BPM system only to get one or two actual projects off the ground. The BPM they implemented is cumbersome and take a lot of time and money to use. However, most of the robotic processes they want to automate are simple and a pain to try and set up in heavy BPM system.

Forget Expensive BPM and Separate RPA Systems

There is a better answer, though. You don’t need to purchase a complex BPM system and a separate RPA technology. What you need is a modern agile BPM system that’s easy to implement and use.

This modern BPM solution enables you to quickly set up automated processes for system to system interactions and architect and expose business rules and decision rules to portal applications. Using the automatic process automation in your BPM also enables you to orchestrate better processes easily and quickly because you are working within a single BPM system.

Maybe you think these easy to use modern BPM systems don’t exist. But they do. And you don’t need to look any further than Everteam.

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Dan Griffith
Sales Director, US and Canada

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