Saudi Export Development Authority achieves success with EverSuite

Saudi Export Development Authority

Saudi Export Development Authority

Founded in 2013, Saudi Export Development Authority “SAUDI EXPORTS” is an independent national authority that seeks to develop Saudi non-oil exports. Its mission is to develop and promote exports, facilitate access to international markets, and advocate policies and strategies to encourage exports.

SAUDI EXPORTS had to handle an excessive number of documents, which led them to be misplaced, damaged, and lost. Consequently, this contributed in an increased search and retrieval time, in addition to obtaining incomplete or unavailable information.

For that reason, SAUDI EXPORTS required an effective Document Management Solution capable of electronically managing and storing all its documents, making them available for viewing and retrieval.

In addition, it required a comprehensive Correspondence Tracking System capable of effectively automating all incoming, outgoing, and internal correspondences.

Due to everteam.mea’s extensive knowledge in the ECM field, SAUDI EXPORTS chose its EverSuite Document Management System and EverSuite Correspondence Solutions.

EverSuite Documents reduced SAUDI EXPORTS’ storage space and costs by converting its physical documents into electronic format, and storing them in a central and secure document repository.

The solution also provided employees with seamless document access and retrieval, which significantly reduced the authority’s business processing time and improved its employee productivity.

Furthermore, EverSuite Documents enhanced SAUDI EXPORTS’ efficiency by enabling its employees to easily manage and circulate information within the authority, thereby simplifying their tasks and reducing the time to complete them.

In its turn, Everteam Correspondence Management System, streamlined the circulation of all the correspondences exchanged between SAUDI EXPORTS’ departments and with external government entities, respectively increasing its overall organizational efficiency.

Moreover, Everteam Correspondence Management Software enabled SAUDI EXPORTS to track the progress of its correspondences at various stages, thus enhancing its decision-making process.

Finally, this solution provided authorized employees with easy and secure correspondence access and retrieval, thusly improving the control of data integrity and authenticity.

“After successfully implementing our unique ECM solutions in numerous renowned institutions, we are confident that SAUDI EXPORTS will immensely benefit from our world-class Document Management Software and Correspondence Tracking solutions, and quickly achieve impressive results in terms of automating its business processes”, says Mr. Bilal Hmede, Country Manager at everteam.ksa.

About Saudi Export Development Authority “SAUDI EXPORTS”:

Saudi Export Development Authority “SAUDI EXPORTS” is an independent national authority that develops Saudi non-oil exports. It aims at becoming a world-class export development entity that develops exporters, promotes exports, facilitates access to international markets, and advocates policies and strategies to encourage exports.

SAUDI EXPORTS is concerned with opening up to global markets, and employing all its economic capabilities to encourage Saudi products in international markets.

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