Saudi Ports Authority (SPA) deploys EverSuite

The Saudi Ports Authority (SPA) is a large scale government organization which has relied on a paper-based approach for correspondence communication for the past 30 years.
The increased volume, segmentation and security threats of unstructured content, in addition to the heightened responsibilities and transactions of each Port (9 in total), became the main reasons why SPA had to bring in technology, to provide a more “proactive” approach to bottlenecks, as well as enhanced content governance.
The Saudi Ports Authority (SPA) has been seeking to partner up with proven and experienced vendors specializing in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) implementation, for the sake of:

[list-ul type=”circle”][li-row]Addressing a “Paper-less” correspondence automation and exchange between all ports within KSA[/li-row]

[li-row]Complying with archiving and document management regulations as per the National YESSER e-Government Plan[/li-row]

[li-row]Addressing all content governance and paper-based correspondence communication challenges across all 9 ports that are spread throughout Saudi Arabia[/li-row]

[li-row]Building a unified, scalable and secure content warehouse[/li-row][/list-ul]

After careful due diligence in which SPA has shortlisted several ECM platforms such as IBM (FileNet), Oracle (Stellent) and Everteam, SPA has selected the Everteam ECM platform back in 2012 for the following reasons :

[list-ul type=”circle”][li-row]Its seamless integration with existing applications through a SOA enabled service bus[/li-row]

[li-row]Everteam’s domain expertise and leverage in the concept of e-Correspondence in Saudi Arabia[/li-row]

[li-row]Everteam’s domain expertise within the transport industry in Saudi Arabia, where it is already providing the Saudi Railways Organization (SRO), the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA), and the Saudi Ministry of Transport with enterprise content management and e-Correspondence implementations[/li-row][/list-ul]

Being one of Everteam’s biggest and most successful projects, SPA has been successfully running EverSuite for the past three years, which allowed it to achieve:

[list-ul type=”circle”][li-row]Strategic paper-based to paper-less transition by automating and exchanging daily correspondences between all ports, as well as the SPA and external stakeholders[/li-row]

[li-row]Comprehensive Filing Plan Strategy across all SPA related ports[/li-row]

[li-row]Structured Case Management framework for streamlining mission critical business processes[/li-row][/list-ul]

This strategic project is aligned with YESSER’s strategic National e-Correspondence initiative, which will assist SPA in connecting to the Saudi GSB (Government Service Bus) and seamlessly exchanging correspondence with other government agencies. The notion of e-Correspondence is becoming a mission critical and vital approach for all government agencies in Saudi Arabia, especially organizations with traditional desktop admin correspondence systems which do not cater to the latest e-Government trends and requirements. Everteam’s solution is built on top of a world class Enterprise Content Management System that provides document, case & archive management and allows for seamless scalability and provides trusted and long term content repositories.

About Saudi Ports Authority

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the world’s main oil exporting country. It has the largest and most diversified economy in the Middle East with industrial exports that are internationally oriented. The Kingdom, therefore, has to have efficient, fully equipped ports that are capable of doing the job as it should be done.
In late 1997 the Ports Authority started passing the responsibilities of ports management, operation and maintenance to the private sector, in order to provide services capable of regional competition.
Today, the Saudi Ports are fully managed and operated by the private sector on a commercial basis. The Ports Authority still retains its supervisory role.

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