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Spigraph, Everteam & ImageFast Provide Critical Information Governance Solutions to European Market

London (UK), Paris (FR) – April 2, 2019 Spigraph, one of the leading European Value Added distributors in the capture and digital transformation market and part of Everteam Group, a leader in information governance solutions, is pleased to announce the availability of two products from the Everteam Information Governance Suite to their portfolio: everteam.discover and everteam.policy.

Organizations of all sizes and in all industries are facing increasing business and regulatory pressures related to how they manage their information. Much of this information is dark content hidden in silos across the organization including file shares, cloud-based collaboration tools such as SharePoint, Office 365 and Google Drive, as well as a range of business applications. It’s critical to organize, classify and manage properly, ensuring it adheres to defined retention policies.

To support organizations in their efforts to manage their information properly, Spigraph is making two Everteam governance products available: everteam.discover and everteam.policy:

  • everteam.discover is a file and content analytics solution that connects to both structured and unstructured data repositories across the organization. It is a complete solution for content discovery, migration, remediation, identification of PII, PHI and PCI data, and governance.
  • everteam.policy is an information lifecycle and retention management solution that helps organizations quickly develop, publish and maintain enterprise-wide information and retention policies. It supports a hierarchical classification scheme, comprehensive retention rules and customizable information properties to capture your complete set of governance policies.

Spigraph is also pleased to announce ImageFast as a reseller of the Everteam Information Governance products. ImageFast is an award-winning consulting and technical services company that has been delivering information governance solutions to the insurance and finance markets for over 20 years.

“We have on boarded ImageFast as our reseller for the Everteam Information Governance products. Their understanding of market needs, along with a strong professional services team make it the right partner to help organizations successfully implement Everteam’s governance solutions and get control of their information,” said Peter de Boer, General Manager Northern Europe and DACH, Spigraph.

Spigraph chose ImageFast to support sales of everteam.policy and everteam.discover because of their technology and digital transformation driven approach, as well as their experience with document and data capture, management, automation, measurement, and integration. With their present portfolio and the now offered Everteam solutions, ImageFast has a complete product portfolio to address existing and new customers requirements.

“Our customers deal with large volumes of information and are struggling to find the best tools to help them manage it effectively. Everteam’s solutions for file and content analytics, and retention policy management can help reduce risks, decrease costs and ensure the best information is available to effective decision-making,” said Darren Edwards, Managing Director, ImageFast.

Effective information governance is critical. With fully defined and applied governance policies, you reduce risks, save money and meet privacy and data retention regulations. Unmanaged data creates risks, complexity, and cost. When you manage data with Everteam’s governance suite, including everteam.discover and everteam.policy, the right information is in the right place for the right period of time.

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About Spigraph

Spigraph is one of the leading providers of document capture and processing solutions. In addition to its portfolio of document scanners from the world’s leading manufacturers, Spigraph supports its customers in automating business processes and generating operational efficiencies through digital transformation. As a value-added-distributor, Spigraph offers a full range of services, from consulting and implementation services to scanner maintenance and support. Headquartered in St-Quentin-Fallavier (France) and with sales and service organizations across 15 countries in Europe and Africa, Spigraph serves more than 6,000 authorized partners and 40,000 customers in over 40 countries.

About ImageFast

ImageFast implement scalable technology solutions for organizations that have challenges managing large volumes of complex documents, data, and information to help streamline business processes, save money, reduce risk and increase your competitive advantage.  ImageFast have a proven track record of architecting, implementing and supporting scalable enterprise business solutions both on-premises and in the cloud to clients in the insurance, financial services, energy, and public sector.

About Everteam

Everteam is a global software vendor specializing in information governance and content services solutions for mid to large corporate enterprises and government entities. With over 25 years’ experience and innovation in the field of Enterprise Content Management, Everteam is recognized for successfully delivering highly sophisticated implementations that help organizations transform information into business capital while reducing costs and risk.