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Structured and unstructured data

ECM 2.0: The Role of Federated Information Governance in the ECM / DM Evolution

The document management and enterprise content management has evolved beyond the centralized model into a broader spectrum of information governance.
content services

Enterprise Content Management: Transitioning to Content Services

For organizations who have been using FileNet, OpenText and Documentum,…
File Remediation Polices and Rules

Shared Drive Remediation: Define Remediation Policies and Rules

I'd like to dig a little deeper into Step 1 of the File Shares…
Documentum and Everteam Integration

Documentum and Everteam Integration: A Better Records Management Experience

The following is a guest post from TSG Group that takes a look…
Everteam Partners with Forefront Technologies

Everteam and Forefront Technologies Create Strategic Partnership Agreement

Together Everteam and Forefront offer a feature-rich solution…
It's time to govern information assets

What are you waiting for? Govern Your Information Assets!

Life used to be simple in the “old days.” Most corporate…
Six Questions to Ask Before Your Next Content Management Project

Six Questions to Ask Before Your Next Content Management Project

For the last twenty years, decisions about document and content…