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Application Decommissioning

Application Decommissioning: Stop Paying for What You Do Not Use

Based on past surveys, we have found that the majority of IT…
Content Services & Process Automation

In 2018, Commit to Modernize One Application - Here’s How

Your to-do list for 2018 is likely long -- very long. But no…
ISO Matters

7 Reasons Legacy ECM should be replaced - Your Data Migration Strategy Simplified

Shifting to a Modern Enterprise Content Management System Current…
digital transformation

An Interview: Modernization and the Legacy Systems Headache

Our own Dan Griffiths was approached this past summer to provide…
Don't Take the Trash With You

Don’t Take the Trash With You

When business users want to move to a “next generation” enterprise…
legacy modernization, application archiving and records management system

Unblock Your Path to the Cloud

Many of the people I speak with at conferences and events are…