The evolution of business communications: why implement a Correspondence Tracking Solution?

The evolution of business communications: why implement Correspondence Tracking Solution?

The evolution of business communications: why implement a Correspondence Tracking Solution?

Business Challenges

Being fundamental business commodities, time and quality of service have nowadays become the main focus of every company looking to take a competitive edge. But while businesses are coming across a sizeable volume of correspondences that require the expertise of multiple individuals dispersed throughout the company, managing correspondences in a timely effective and efficient manner has become the foremost challenge that most companies are facing on a day-to-day basis, thusly impeding their success.

Then and Now

Back in the old days, companies used to store their exchanged communication records in a file system; filing every letter and carbon copy in a secure place. Even today, when emails have replaced most communications, companies are still gravitating towards printing and filing their incoming and outgoing emails as business records. While in today’s work place, companies are using multiple means to communicate, exchanging correspondences in both paper and electronic forms, from/to disparate sources and at various times.

Consequently, correspondences have become difficult to access and control, thereby inducing the challenge of creating a unified, master document. As a matter of fact, few correspondences are being filed in physical files, and some saved in either individual “My Documents” folder or a central computer folder; while emails are lying in an online email software or an individualized email like Microsoft Outlook. Hence, correspondences of a same project are dispersed in different locations, without having a definite location where users can obtain all needed correspondences in a single place.

Moreover, manually dealing with the massive amount of incoming and outgoing correspondences has resulted in higher processing time, inefficient or unavailable information, and increased operational costs.

The new era with Correspondence Automation

For that reason, businesses need to switch to a paperless environment by implementing an effective Correspondence Management Solution that understands and satisfies the needs of every company and its employees.

Further, it has become of a great importance to accurately manage correspondences and ensure that the appropriate security protocols are being abided by in handling confidential correspondences.

A Correspondence Tracking and Management Solution is the perfect tool for providing centralized, comprehensive, and cost-effective capabilities that enable companies to automatically capture, index, store, track, manage, and control all types of exchanged correspondences. By featuring a central correspondence repository for an enterprise-wide capacity, correspondences can become available for a seamless search and retrieval on the basis of any attribute, such as: contact, period, subject, category, etc.

Customer satisfaction is based on decent service and prompt response to all correspondences, whether it is by email, phone, or a request sent on the company’s website. Nevertheless, manually tracking paper-based correspondences is inefficient and prone to errors, resulting in inaccurately answered or sometimes unanswered correspondences. But with a Correspondence Tracking Solution, a fully detailed view of the current state of any correspondence is provided at any point in time, confirming that all correspondence responses are effectively handled, while determining its content and processing time, which helps ensure that procedures and deadlines are met.

Additionally, the solution is capable of assigning tasks and providing automatic notifications to the individuals who must contribute to the response, while making sure that retention and disposition rules are applied to the correspondences in the system.

To conclude, a cutting-edge Correspondence Tracking and Management Solution can significantly reduce storage space and costs by managing correspondences within a common platform and unified repository, in addition to enabling seamless and quick correspondence search and retrieval, which will improve employee productivity and performance. The solution can also enhance business responsiveness by reducing the time spent on processing and responding to incoming correspondences, while providing accurate, fast, and trustworthy responses to inquiries, thereby increasing customer satisfaction levels.