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Webinar: Leveraging everteam.discover for Information Governance

Organizations need information – content, and data – to do their jobs. They also produce volumes of information as they perform our responsibilities. It’s no wonder the amount of information is growing significantly every year. The biggest challenge most organization face though is not capturing, curating or creating information, it’s dealing with it after the fact. Some information they need to retain, others they can destroy defensibly, like duplicate or obsolete information. Too often they don’t destroy what’s no longer required and by not doing so, set themselves up for high costs of storage, slow performing applications and the increased risk that the information they keep will fall into the wrong hands. A solution is needed to help organizations better manage their information. That solution is everteam.discover.

Think about how many places you store information across your company: file shares, SharePoint, network drives, cloud-based file sharing apps like Google Drive, the list goes on. Now ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you know what is stored in those repositories?
  • Are employees storing sensitive information or important documents that require records management?
  • Are you keeping duplicate content or content no longer required?
  • Are there repositories out there you may not even know about?

If you are trying to figure out how to clean and organize information stored across systems in your organization to ensure compliance, reduce risks and lower costs, you’re not alone.

As the quantity of information grows in your company, the costs and risks associated with it grow as well – higher storage costs, increased risk of data theft and difficulty in meeting privacy and retention regulations.

Join us on October 16th at 2 pm ET for a webinar on this problem every company faces today. Everteam VP of North America, Ken Lownie, will talk about the challenges and opportunities of your information assets and show you how everteam.discover can help you take control by eliminating ROT and organizing your information better.

  • The biggest challenges and opportunities for effective information management.
  • A four-step process to connect, analyze, organize and manage your information, leveraging natural language processing and AI technologies.
  • How to address regulatory compliance and implement records retention for your most critical information.
  • How to create a 360-degree view of your information which helps Business Professionals more effectively find and retrieve information from multiple data sources.

Talking about everteam.discover is not enough though. We’ll end the webinar with a look at everteam.discover in action, demonstrating how you can connect, index, organize and search your information, walking you through examples of some of the primary use cases companies face today. Some of the things we’ll show you:

  • How to connect to a range of data sources including file shares, SharePoint, Exchange, Google Drive, and other ECM and cloud-based file sync and share solutions to identify and reduce ROT (redundant, obsolete, trivial) content and automatically identify files and documents containing personal data.
  • How to enrich and automatically classify content using corporate taxonomies, identify corporate records stored in inappropriate places and assign disposition policies and automate the preservation of record candidates.
  • How you can reduce the time and cost of migrating your information to archives or a new application.
  • How you can support compliance regulations such as GDPR by processing requests from data subjects to get access to their personal data (GDPR).

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