GDPR webinar

You’re Invited: How to Get Ready for GDPR with a Data Inventory

It is not mandatory to perform an in depth data inventory as part of your compliance to the GDPR. But let me ask you this:

Do you know where all your customer information is located across your entire company? Do you know every application repository, every file share, on premises and in the cloud, every desktop, mobile device and so on? It’s nearly impossible to know where your information is, but know you must.

Tim Walters, Privacy Expert and Principal at The Content Advisory wrote this about the GDPR’s data protection rules:

It requires fundamental changes in how you collect, use, store, and share personal data. 

One question we frequently hear is, How will the data protection authorities (DPAs) know if our company is follow all of the rules in every aspect of our data processing? The short answer is: Because you are required to prove it to them!

The GDPR introduces a new principle called “accountability,” which means that it is up to the company (the “data controller”) to ensure that their behavior reflects the six core data protection principles and that they are able to demonstrate adherence with the principles. In effect, you are guilty until you can prove your innocence.

One way you can help your organization follow the GDPR data protection rules (and particularly the data subject rights) is to conduct a full inventory of your information that is searchable from a central location.

On April 26, at 2 pm ET, Tim Walters will join Everteam Chief Operations Officer, Ken Lownie for a webinar that outlines the need for a data inventory and how you can go about doing one. Walters will provide clear evidence for why a data inventory is so important, going through the data subject rights you must support and how a data inventory helps you support them. He’ll also outline the five things you should be doing right now to ensure compliance.

Lownie will talk about how you can organize and execute the process of building your inventory outlining key steps you can take. He’ll also discuss the role analytics software plays in not only creating your data inventory, but also how you can use that inventory to search and audit that information to find key content you need.

Whether you are deep in your plans for GDPR compliance or still trying to figure out what you need to do, this webinar will provide you with plenty of guidance to move forward. There’s still time to get your strategy in order.

Register for the webinar today! We look forward to seeing you there!