You’ve Migrated Your Lotus Notes Email, But Now What?

By: Dan Griffith, Sales Director – US and Canada

It took a bit of work, but you’ve finally migrated your email off Lotus Notes and into the cloud. You can officially retire your Notes environment. Or can you?

Dealing with your Notes Applications

Now that you’ve moved your email off Lotus Notes, you’d like to shut down the environment and focus on developing new applications leveraging the Cloud. But one of the great things about Lotus Notes was the ability to quickly spin up applications or even little pieces of functionality that helped business users get their work done.

You may have thousands of these apps, from forms to quick workflow functions to fairly sophisticated applications. These apps need to go somewhere. To migrate these Notes apps, you have a few options:

  • You can try to port these apps to something like SharePoint.
  • You can “recode” and replatform them.

Neither of these options is feasible for most organizations.

First of all, SharePoint can be a solution for some simple flows, but becomes challenging as you start to think about integrating with systems and data sources, mobile, and governance.

Recoding can be timely and expensive (especially when you are talking about thousands of small apps) and most organizations are looking to consolidate, not proliferate code.

There is another option you may not have considered – business process automation with a low code process orchestration tool. Rather than go through the frustration of SharePoint or the expense and time of recoding new applications from scratch, why not leverage a process automation and orchestration tool to quickly recreate and improve these applications.

The Benefits of Process Automation

A business process automation solution enables you to quickly recreate forms, workflow, and other applications and surface them in modern technologies. You may even be able to combine many of your smaller functions into a single application.

Take some time to assess your current Notes environment and outline what applications you really need to migrate. First, some of these may be obsolete.  Then look at how you would build these applications today. What does the interface look like? What data do you need and where does it come from? Can you connect to other applications to get your data and remove manual data entry?

Leveraging a business process orchestration tool helps you pull it all together, and low code helps you do it quickly.  Then you can truly say goodbye to your Notes applications.

But wait, one more thing.  What about the data?  You may also want to consider an application archiving tool that can help you migrate your legacy data to an inexpensive storage method where it can be archived and managed according to your compliance rules, as well as used in your modern applications.

It’s Not Just Moving Email to the Cloud

Migrating off Lotus Notes email and moving to a cloud solution that’s more efficient, secure and cost-effective is top of the list for many Notes organizations. But moving all those Notes-based applications is an even bigger priority and challenge.

It’s not an impossible feat. The combination of a low-code, business process automation software and application archiving system can help your organization succeed in the mobile-enabled, cloud-based environment we work in today.  And that’s what we do at Everteam.

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