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Agile Process Orchestration

Better Process Development

Everteam provides an agile process orchestration layer that wraps enterprise systems and gives your development teams the tools to automate process applications quickly
in a familiar environment.

Increase existing system and application utilization through BPM platform-lever integrations. Empower the business unit to own process design, resulting in higher business user adoption. Shorten the time and effort required to launch impactful process and system automation.

Orchestrate Process Quickly Across the Enterprise

Empower business to easily map processes
Easily communicate with and integrate both internal and external systems
Utilize multiple formats and channels
Simplify and accelerate development by isolating logic and rules to create reusable components

Choose the Best Option for You

Multiple options to build user interfaces and communicate with your systems
Don’t restrict yourself to a particular user interface (UX), mobile application, or communication protocol
Plug in your own providers

Leverage What You Have

Plug your own authentication mechanisms
Augment your systems, don’t “rip and replace”
Automate process in a familiar environment that doesn’t require “vendor specific” programming skills

Are Microservices the Stuff of Application Development Dreams?

It started with System Oriented Architecture (SOA). When SOA burst onto the scene, we were practically giddy every time we saw a block that could be used more than once. For every block, we wanted to build a service and aim for reuse.

Today architects aim not only for writing services for reuse, but to create independent functional components which map closer to business functions so they can later bring them together to assemble complex systems. That means microservices.

Sky improves media management with everteam.ibpms

Several years ago, British Sky Broadcasting recognized the need to further develop their content delivery model to address increasing demand and new technologies. The solution would be a multi-faceted, multi-year effort to address processes and technologies related to media content delivery. Vendors would have to deliver solutions that were scalable, flexible, and able to integrate with other systems. Processes needed to be streamlined and each aspect of the project had to align with the business needs of the organization.

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