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Information Governance Solutions

Everteam's mission is to support companies in their digital transformation, maintain the integrity of their document and policy management and to be part of a digital sobriety approach.

Why to use Information Governance Solutions?


We help companies:

  • Improve data cleaning and data quality processes, regardless of the data source or format
  • Manage and secure their informational assets, particularly against risks related to data confidentiality or regulatory compliance (GDPR, lifecycle).
Find important information faster
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Reduce Risks (Regulatory, Privacy, Security)
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Clean up and reduce storage costs
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Archive in a secure, integral and sustainable way
Picto lost information
Improving data quality
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Drive the life cycles of information wherever it is
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Moving towards digital responsibility
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Our IG Suite solutions

We recommend implementing information governance and secure archiving methods that adhere to current national and international standards.

This involves improving the cleaning and governance of your digital content through automatic content analysis and classification, using a multi-channel search approach (360°).

Unified Search & Content Explorer

Connect to content repositories to search, find and navigate into your content area.

File Analysis

Clean up, enrich and remediate the content of your content repositories.

In Place Records Management

Define your information lifecycle policies and apply them to your content repositories.

Electronic Archiving System

Manage your documents, files and archives, preserve and secure them over the long term, comply with archiving standards.

Our clients

They trust us

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They trust us

Following a significant information conformity problem, we needed to urgently clean up a batch of documents. We tested brilliantly within a few months, with excellent results, and then deployed it on other use cases.

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Sandra Flamand Knowledge Management Business Partner, Carmeuse

The aim of setting up an electronic archiving system was to centralize more strategic and sensitive information within the group, and then to be able to guarantee all risk management in terms of its accessibility and availability.

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Jean-Mathieu Bonnefous Records Manager, Orano

With the first implementation of the conservation repository, we had an estimated 30% gain in volume because there was little practice of destruction before this project.

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Pierre-Vincent Bruys Record Manager, Safran

Our resources


Want to learn more about the information governance sector? Take a look at our resources.

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