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Information Governance Solutions

Everteam Software continually innovates to offer you, our customer simple solutions to build, secure and enhance your company's information assets, while reducing costs and risks.

Everteam's mission is to support companies in their digital transformation, maintain the integrity of their document management/policy and to be part of a digital sobriety approach.


Implement a federated and intelligent search within your company

Connect, index, and analyze content to help you find the information you need quickly.

Govern, manage and monitor document life cycle.
Create and manage your retention policy.

Archive your documents in compliance with regulations.


We help companies manage the risks related to data confidentiality or regulatory compliance (RGPD, life cycle), enhance and clean up documents and data regardless of their source and format throug their information assets.

For this, we recommend the implementation of an information governance and a secure archiving in compliance with the standards in force. This in order to intervene on the clean-up and governance of the digital bulk, the analysis / automatic classification of content via a multi-channel search (360 °).

They trust us

Control your company's information assets