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About Insiel ICT

Insiel ICT, based in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region of Italy, is a private company funded with public capital. The public/private status guides Insiel’s mission to deliver IT services that Insiel designs, builds and manages on behalf of, and in collaboration with, the regional public administration. Insiel has 700 employees and an annual revenue of €94M.

Healthcare services in Italy are provided by the national healthcare system. Each region of the country is organized into “trusts” related to the territory. Insiel covers four regional healthcare trusts, one research and care institute, one central services agency, and soon will add an another research and care institute.

In 2008, the regional healthcare authority contracted with Insiel to streamline and refine healthcare procurement for the regional healthcare system. The region’s hospitals, clinics, and providers needed more reliable supply delivery. Insiel turned to Intalio|bpms to implement a solution.

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The Business Challenge

Ensuring regional healthcare providers — from physicians and clinics to nursing homes and hospitals — have appropriate medical supplies to treat common ailments and unexpected injuries alike is critical to the functioning of local providers and the well-being of the 1.3M populace as whole. Different supplies come from different sources, and keeping track of multiple suppliers and appropriate inventory is important — and one physicians and caregivers just don’t have time for. Insiel looked to support local healthcare better by implementing advanced procurement cycle management for the pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and related consumables coming from and going to various locations in the region.

The Everteam Solution

Working with Everteam’s engagement team, Insiel rerouted supplies for the region to single pole storage, management, and distribution of healthcare goods . Intalio|bpms orchestrates the interaction for several custom-built in-house third party systems and batch driven processes requiring high performance and fault handling process management. The system was designed, developed and deployed starting in 2009, providing immediate impact to supply acquisition and distribution cycles in the region, and long term efficiencies in costs and increased consumer confidence in healthcare resources.


Using everteam.ibpms

With everteam.ibpms, Insiel was able to implement supply orchestration processes that support healthcare services throughout the region.

  • Twenty five parent processes are integrated with seven third-party application flows for supplies for the region’s four regional healthcare trusts, one research and care institute, one central services agency. These data flows are managed by a single central system that is the result of integrating several applications.
  • Since initial pilot deployment in 2009, Intalio|bpms manages 150K process instances per week -- over 7 million per year -- on a system managed by a small team.
  • everteam.ibpms orchestrates invoicing for twenty million items through the integration with Insiel’s ERP System, allowing for more timely billing and payment.
  • Regional healthcare providers have the supplies they need when they need them. Residents -- the consumers of services -- have increased confidence in local healthcare resources.
  • Purchasing and distribution is faster, more efficient and more cost-effective, thus reducing overall operational costs.
  • Increased visibility into processes opens the door to process refinements as needed.

everteam.ibpms made an impact immediately. That we can manage so many different products to multiple locations worth so many Euros — and yet the system is managed by a small team — is beyond our initial vision. We successfully integrated five hospitals into the procurement cycle during initial deployment, and since have brought online almost every one of the hospitals in the region. We have continued confidence in the ability of Everteam and everteam.ibpms to support our vision andour continued success.

  • Pietro Iob
  • Project Manager, Regional Integrated Information System Division, Insiel

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