Everteam for you

“Everteam for you are concrete solutions to locate and clean up your digital bulk, manage your emails, connect your applications and manage the life cycle of your documents”

Unavoidable market changes are confronting companies with new challenges such as increased volumes, regulatory pressure and changing practices. The orientation towards external uses and the setting up of shared directories has made it possible to meet users’ needs in the short term, but has accentuated the growth of a mass of information that is not managed and is increasingly difficult to access: digital cahos.

In this context, Everteam Software has designed a new range of tools adapted to these new uses and named Everteam For You. It is now possible to consider a new approach to information management projects, simpler, to deploy :

●  A cloud-based tool for managing your retention repository,

●  A smart sanitization / search tool on your shared network drives, sharepoints, mail servers,

● A “ready-to-use” cloud DMS dedicated to the real estate or insurance market,

● A NF461/SIAF compliant Cloud Archiving System

Each tool can be purchased independently to target your needs and respond specifically to them.

Advantages of this new offer

●    Modernity, to meet the challenges of performance and safety,

●  Ease of use, as the first users are mostly end users, not experts,

●  Focused on specific use cases, to respond immediately to needs without heavily mobilizing our customers during implementation,

●      Available in SAAS or On Premise, to adapt to new practices and use

●     Competitive rate, to use only the useful functional perimeter over the desired period,

Strong point of the offer: A fast implementation by proposing tools configurable in a few days, it is an offer with unprecedented times on the market.

Discover the following modules of the Everteam for you range:

  • Everteam for file share : The innovative solution to analyze, process and act on your office file trees
  • Everteam for Policy Cloud (available in the cloud): The new simple, secure and user-friendly way to manage your retention repository.  Adapted for Everteam for You, the solution is now available in the cloud and independent of our other solutions.
  • Everteam for Real Estate: The vertical solution for real estate companies, land and developers. A simple and innovative solution to secure your document repository. The solution is available in local or cloud hosting. Pre-configured, it is quick to deploy
  • Everteam for Archivage Cloud ( ID Archives): a NF 461 certified archiving solution

To learn more, you can contact us or attend the discovery workshops.