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information Governance Glossary

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Information Governance
It is the overall strategy for information at an organization. Information governance balances the risk that information presents with the value that information provides. Information governance helps with legal compliance, operational transparency.

Insight Engine
An insight engine combines machine learning, rich usage analytics and AI-powered search capabilities to facilitate more intuitive, personalized and relevant digital experiences. According to Gartner, insight engines “apply relevancy methods to describe, discover, organize and analyze data.

ISO Reference Model for an Open Archival Information System
Mode of archiving that automatically archives the data from an application throughout the life of the application. A connection between the application and the archiving solution must be implemented.

ITS: Information and Technology Solutions
Different types or applications of information technology ( whom is the use of computers to store or retrieve data and information) that support processes in organizations. They are aimed to support customer and supplier relations.