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Who we are

Everteam now makes it possible to meet the needs of companies on all issues related to the analysis, governance or archiving of information.

All organizations have documents and files that need to be managed, but when Everteam was founded in 1990, the market demand was for static file management and published documents needed management solutions.


Everteam's positionning From EDM to Information Governance

Very quickly, data formats evolved, electronic media multiplied, forcing us to move from the management of simple text files and documents online to the management of images, videos, audio files and other digital formats, … We moved from Electronic Document to Digital Content.
Everteam, like many other EDM players, has extended its scope of activity to Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and then to Information Governance.

As a software publisher, we can rely on a network of integrator partners, specialized in content management, and information asset control.


Why implement information governance?

“Because poor data management can have serious financial, legal and image consequences for companies, especially if they are convicted of non-compliance with the regulations in force. “

Information is in fact considered an asset, an organizational resource requiring, like the equipment, buildings and financial resources needed to run the business, a high level of oversight and coordination to ensure accountability, protection, integrity and proper preservation of corporate information.


  • Information governance saves storage costs by identifying and storing only valuable data and reducing unnecessary duplication.
  • By optimizing the search for reliable information, it also helps companies provide better customer service and employee productivity by providing the minimum number of versions of information or documents, facilitating storage and quick and efficient access to information.

As an expert in Records Management and archiving, whatever its nature (mixed archiving, with probative value, mass archiving or physical archiving), the company has evolved on several occasions to adapt to market developments, customer needs and technological requirements in a permanent search for innovation.

In particular, Everteam has added intelligent search and automatic classification capabilities based on Artificial Intelligence technologies to its offering.”


Everteam's positionning : offers dedicated to Information Governance

Implement a federated and intelligent search within your company

Connect, index, and analyze content to help you find the information you need quickly.

Govern, manage and monitor document life cycle.
Create and manage your retention policy.

Archive your documents in compliance with regulations.