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Our positioning

Everteam now makes it possible to meet the needs of companies on all issues related to the analysis, governance or archiving of information.

Founded in 1990, Everteam was a pioneer software vendor specializing in content management and information governance.

This distinction is not only the result of strong product expertise and successful customer projects, but also of an active role in the definition and development of international industry standards.

Positioned as a recognized expert  in the CSP (Content Services Platform) market, Records Management and Long term Archiving and archiving, whatever its nature (mixed archiving, with probative value, mass or physical archiving), the company evolved several times to adapt to the customer needs and new markets and technology requirements in a permanent research of innovation.

In particular, Everteam has added to its offer intelligent search and automatic classification functionalities based on Artificial Intelligence technologies.

Our added value

An efficient management of your information assets

Our solutions are the result of the synergy between the strong expertise of our teams in information management plus innovative AI and Big Data technologies. At the beginning of 2021, we launched a range of packaged solutions and concrete tools to meet the customers targeted needs, regardless of their size. 

Today we are positioned on the Information Governance market with two types of offers:

  • Simple, innovative solutions adapted to your specific needs whatever your business sector
Everteam for You
  • Solutions available on a single software platform to manage your information assets regardless of the business context.
Discover IG Suite: an offering dedicated to Information Governance

A Kyocera Group Company

In February 2020, Everteam joined Kyocera Document Solutions, a subsidiary of the Kyocera Corporation, thus benefiting from new levers of development and growth for the benefit of all its customers.

Kyocera Group saw a need to expand into the field of Content Services Platforms for existing MFP customers). The Kyocera Group, founded in Japan, currently counts 308 companies worldwide, employs  78,490 people, and shows consolidated sales of $13.4 billion.

“As a leading global manufacturer of high-tech ceramics, electronic components, solar cells and office equipment, the Kyocera Corporation has been recognized as one of the world’s top 100 innovators for four subsequent years”

  source Kyocera Document Solutions