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Joining Everteam’s network of partners will unlock opportunities to accelerate your company’s growth.

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Become an Everteam Partner

3 reasons to become an Everteam partner:

  1. Benefit from our innovations and our reputation.
  2. Increase your visibility and growth in experts markets.
  3. Deliver value-added services with the support of our experts.

Everteam Channel Program

The partner network is key to Everteam success and the success of its customers’ projects.

Recognized as leaders in their business branch, the members of the Everteam partner network are recruited for their technical know-how and their in-depth understanding of their markets’ needs.

Working with an authorized or certified partner of the Everteam Partner Connect program allows access to a wide range of services on the Everteam software ranges.

The Benefits of the Everteam Channel Program

The Everteam Channel program provides the foundation for an excellent collaboration and
joint success. By becoming an integrator of Everteam’s Software and Solutions, your company
can benefit from:

An access to a development license and the related documentation

Technical and business training

Demonstration kits

Pre- and post-sale support

Marketing and trade/collateral sales

Co-marketing operations

Technology partners

Everteam partners with leading companies in the fields of Information Governance, Archiving, and AI to complement the functional scope of its Information Governance Suite.

Would you like to become a partner or get in contact with our partner network?

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