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Everteam Lab

The Everteam’s Lab is recognized as a private research organization by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation.

It has various activities as follows:

Technical watch

The technical watch aims at anticipating and understanding the new trends in development, architectures, programming languages and tools.

The Lab internally recommends innovative ideas to the internal Everteam’s development teams.

Its main focus is on deep learning applied to the NLP and Computer Vision tasks.

Proof of Concept

The Lab’s Team first implements its new ideas and new research results in the field of PoC (Proof of Concept) that sometimes requires consideration of significant data volumes.

The Origin of some new "software" modules

Beyond the PoCs, the Lab’s team finds solutions to certain technical locks, which sometimes become the origin of some Everteam software new modules:

Supervision of theses

Currently two students respectively work with our Lab on a thesis in the field of Healthcare integrating NLP, ML and Deep Learning.

Research Partnerships

With universities and 3rd party companies on research projects

  • The Everteam’s Lab works on a Research Program in collaboration with the Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University and the izyCardio Compan’


The lab brings high expertise in the fields of AI, NLP, and Search Engine.