A Rich Content Strategy Empowered by Chatbots | everteam.chatbot

A Rich Content Strategy Empowered by Chatbots | everteam.chatbot

As previously discussed, Chatbots are a milestone in the marketing sector. Customer service, to be more specific, had witnessed a big improvement with the help of the Chatbot technology. What about the other marketing aspects? We have been assisted by the customer service chabot dedicated to a specific task, but an organization who really wants to achieve a turning point in the chatbot space, will focus their attention on chatbots as content delivery systems.

Let us take a look at how this AI and ML based solution is shifting the “content marketing” sector.

A Glimpse into Content Marketing

The act of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract a clearly targeted and defined audience will increase profits by turning this audience into customers. This what content marketing is about, and this valuable content is provided through different channels:

1- Blogs
2- Videos
3- Infographics
4- Case studies
5- eBooks
6- White Papers
7- Checklists
8- Social media posts

The list goes on, and today we are adding Chatbots as a powerful channel.

Today’s users are focused on exchanging questions and answers, which is more favorable than searching and scrolling through social feeds. Therefore, messaging platforms have a big chance in becoming the dominant channels for pushing content and marketing. The light is shed on smart Chatbots.

Boosting Content with everteam.chatbots 

Beyond Customer care and services, everteam mixed Artificial intelligence and marketing. How? Through everteam.chatbot.

Everyone is looking to have a successful path in the digital marketing world, as it is proved to achieve higher profit and attract audience (or customers). What makes Chatbot an eligible solution, is its ability to act, answer and inform the person asking in a personalized manner, which automatically makes your content irresistible.

Here comes the role of the AI-based Chatbots. Trained and programmed to use natural language it will almost feel like you’re chatting with an actual human!

Other than AI and ML, conversion marketing will lead your chatbot to give the perfect answer. Once everteam.chatbot is reached, it (or if we may call him he/she) will already know every information required to provide the exact answer and even to lead the potential customer to the right place, product or service. It is a matter of data analytics.

Roadmap to a Successful Chatbot Content Strategy

Many enterprises are building chatbots that can handle basic customer service inquiries. Fashion retailers and publishers for example are implementing chatbots that can act as their personal shopping assistant to avoid any bottlenecks in their purchase funnel.

Therefore, our expertise have complied the main steps to help you have a bright content strategy for chatbots.

1- Define your goals and use case: whether you are developing an informative chatbot or a chatbot that can take orders and make reservations, or both.
2- Build a voice and personality to your chatbot: your chatbot’s personality represents the company. Its personality is present in every stage of the conversation, including the greeting, the explanation of services, the questions and the answers and the information and services provided.
3- Develop all conversation trees: Going through a conversational experience requires brilliant practices that go beyond the natural language understanding and personality of your chatbot. Unexpected scenarios, interruptions, ambiguities and other situations must be taken into consideration.
4- Add some visual components: Media brings in more personality to your messages and increases conversation thus leading to high conversion rates.
5- Lead your customers to checkout using call-to-action: Your bot can be your most valuable conversion tool by directing your audience to the required final destination. Using call-to-action buttons to lead costumers to a specific product or page or even to share something on social media, gives your brand the chance to expand its exposure.

Right Answer at the Right Time for the Right Person…

Chatbots often represent the first point of contact for many businesses. Producing content for chatbots is essential for brand recognition and messaging, and with the latest technologies, Everteam will always find a way to improve your business and enhance your work, just as we did with everteam.chatbot.

Stay Tuned you may get the chance to try our smart Chatbot!


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