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AI4Herart a discover application

AI4Heart Project : an Everteam Application

Improve efficiency in the management of cardiology patients with the IzyCardio solution.


The need for access to a cardiology service is constantly increasing in a context where the demography of cardiologists is stagnating. As a result, appointment times are impacted as well as the quality of patient care.

The IzyCardio company’s mission is to respond to this problem.

Its objective is to refocus the cardiologist on the care, information and support of the patient by relying on technologies and digital tools of the company Everteam to reduce the time-consuming tasks of health professionals (report, history, prescription, …) and an aid to decision-making.


The companies are leading this AI project together to help cardiology practices manage appointment priorities, given the significant delay issues.


AI4Heart A technological partnership in the service of health

The analysis of the patient’s risk profile and cardiovascular data (IzyScore) is based on Discover technology, an indexing and document search tool developed by Everteam. Thus, IzyCardio has found a proven solution, easily applicable to its field of expertise and respectful of health data.

This synergy of skills has enabled us to create an innovative solution for health care.

In concrete terms, the IzyCardio solution currently concerns 15,000 patients and 3 cardiology centers. It focuses on 3 areas to improve the productivity of health professionals:     

  1. An intelligent pre-consultation: This step allows us to quickly assess the level of cardiovascular risk and thus identify certain emergencies, anticipate additional examinations and optimize the time required for treatment by reducing the time required to make an appointment from 60 days to less than 2 weeks.
  2. Personalized care: Tools make it possible to anticipate and optimize patient reception. The documents received are analysed by the IzyCardio solution and the reports and pre-orders are automatically pre-generated on the basis of the information collected by the solution. For a 15 minute consultation, the gain in medical time is more than 30% for the benefit of the patient.
  3. Customized collaborative monitoring: The IzyCardio solution collects key information regardless of the source or nature of the information and links it to the patient’s file. For example, treatment history is collected based on information extracted from prescriptions and previous reports. Thus, each cardiologist using IzyCardio quickly has the essential information for medical prescriptions. It is a collaborative tool in the care chain


Innovation: technological aspects & uses


          The IzyCardio solution is built on text analysis and language processing technologies. The documents received daily by cardiology departments are varied and disparate. The analysis of the content of these documents is complex, time-consuming but necessary.

The IzyCardio solution will therefore save time by offering a “turnkey” solution:


  1. extraction of information from structured or unstructured content (by extraction of named entities)
  2. assistance in validating the information extracted by the administrative staff (without the intervention of the cardiologist)
  3. generation of pre-documents (report, prescription,)

The benefits are multiple: a reduction in the time it takes to obtain an appointment (15 days on average to obtain a cardiology appointment compared to more than 60 on average in France), a gain in productivity for healthcare professionals, better collaboration between the players in the care chain and an increase in medical time with the patient.

Numerous areas of development are planned around voice recognition and interaction with connected medical objects.

This project is led at Everteam by Alexandre BAILLY and Corentin BLANC 


About: IzyCardio is an e-health company founded in 2016 by Dr. Fadi Jamal, which offers a modern, secure and interoperable digital platform with artificial intelligence and digital tools, to meet the needs of expertise as diological in all territories and around the world. IzyCardio aims to improve the management of patients suffering from cardiovascular pathologies through teleconsultation, pre-consultation and tele-expertise. This service is designed to reduce consultation times for patients and save medical time for doctors.


Everteam is a software editor specialized in Information Governance. Innovative, the company uses Artificial Intelligence solutions to push the research, the analysis and the exploitation of information. For the IzyCardio project, the solution is used in the back office.