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Air France Chooses Everteam to Set Up Its Electronic Filing System (SAE)

Everteam, a major player in enterprise content management and information governance, announces that it has been chosen by Air France to set up a scalable electronic records management system. Due to increasing growth in the volume of digital information, dematerialization and, more broadly, digital transformation, it was becoming important for Air France to adopt an information governance solution.

A robust solution that can evolve according to the needs of the Air France Group

In this context, Air France has turned to Everteam, a leading provider of electronic archiving for probation purposes, to provide a solution to better control and secure engaging content, company knowledge and version history.  The work carried out by the Everteam teams demonstrated the ergonomics of the solution, its suitability to Air France’s needs, and moreover, its ability to evolve over time, for potential deployment in many countries.

A quick and easy project to implement in a step-by-step approach

The ability to automatically import documents, the power of faceted search and the simplicity of the user interface were important elements taken into account in the choice of the everteam.archive solution. The solution will initially be implemented within Air France’s finance department and will then be progressively extended to other business lines of the company.
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