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AIIM Research: The Need to Automate Governance and Compliance

AIIM has released its latest research report focused on the intersection between information governance, security, analytics and machine learning (ML), “Automating Compliance and Governance: Understanding the intersection between information governance & security and analytics & machine learning.” Here’s a summary of what AIIM learned. In prior AIIM research, 51% of organizations plan to spend a […]

Webinar: Leveraging everteam.discover for Information Governance

Organizations need information – content, and data – to do their jobs. They also produce volumes of information as they perform our responsibilities. It’s no wonder the amount of information is growing significantly every year. The biggest challenge most organization face though is not capturing, curating or creating information, it’s dealing with it after the […]

Everteam Named Best Information Governance Company 2018 at InfoGovCon18

Paris (FR), Boston (US) – September 27, 2018 – Everteam, an information governance, and enterprise content services company, is happy to announce it has been named Best Information Governance Company at the 2018 Information Governance Conference in Providence. Every organization, from small, to mid and enterprise-sized are dealing with a deluge of information. Much of […]

everteam.discover Helps Organizations Maximize Information Governance through enhanced AI

Paris (FR), Boston (US) – September 18, 2018 – Everteam, a provider of information governance and content services solutions announces the latest version of everteam.discover, file and content analytics software that leverages AI technologies such as machine learning and natural language processing to help organizations find and organize their information assets. Organizations create, store and […]

Introducing everteam.discover 2.1 for Information Governance

When you ask organizations what the biggest opportunity is for them, most will answer that it’s taking better advantage of their information for effective decision-making and competitive differentiation. And that makes sense. We capture and curate so much information, from our customers, partners, suppliers, prospective customers, employees and more, that if we examine it all […]

The Need for Human Curation and Machine Intelligence in File and Content Analysis

The use of AI, including machine learning for file and content analysis is in high demand and for good reason. Organizations deal with a large volume of data and content that is nearly impossible to deal with manually. But we can’t forget the intelligence that employees have that provide insights we can’t necessarily get from an […]

The CIO’s Role in Business Transformation

“In today’s world, IT is business and business is IT. Organizations that continue to organizationally and conceptually isolate the two will fall behind competitors that treat IT and business as merely different sides of the same coin.” The statement comes from a recent report from IDG and Red Hat, “CIOs at a Technology and Cultural […]