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Building a Strategic Information Governance Initiative

Information governance isn’t something new, Morgan Templar told us in our recent webinar: Three Quick Wins to Kick Start Information Governance. Maybe you’ve called it something different, or didn’t have a name for it at all, but it’s been there in your company. Compliance requirements, growing regulations, especially around privacy and the use of data, […]

What is Privacy by Design

What is Privacy by Design and why is it important today? This is a topic we’ll be diving into in the coming months. Editor’s Note: This column was taken from AIIM’s whitepaper, Information Privacy and Security: GDPR is the Tip of the Iceberg. Organizations must consider the concept of Privacy by Design moving forward, which […]

Defining Your Information Governance Technology Framework

You have decided that it’s time to put in place an information governance plan. It’s a pretty big undertaking involving a combination of people, process and technology. It requires you to work with teams and departments across the organization and get agreement on everything from data vocabularies and taxonomies, to information ownership and the information […]

Creating an Agile Records Management Plan

The traditional approach to records management is a massive undertaking. You spend a great deal of time developing a complex file plan and record schedule only to find it doesn’t exactly work as you expected and your employees fight using it. There is a better approach to records management that provides an agile way to […]

Building Your Data Inventory

Organizations are inundated with information. We collect, curate and use it everywhere and we have a lot of it. The volume and velocity of information collected are causing many challenges from storing it, to dealing with privacy-related, to getting rid of it at the right time and more. Addressing these challenges manually system by system […]

Webinar: Three Quick Wins to Kick Start Information Governance

A number of factors are driving the dramatic increase in attention to Information Governance. Regulatory compliance concerns remain key, and the new focus on privacy is adding urgency. At the same time, organizations are realizing the risks and costs of storing unneeded and obsolete content in shared folder environments and obsolete applications. Despite this growing […]

Everteam Announces Acquisition of GlassIG software, an Information Governance Solution for Information and GDPR

GlassIG adds new information governance capabilities to Everteam’s information management solutions and will support a wide range of ECM data source systems, network file shares and data stored in Cloud drives. LYON, FR – May 14, 2018 — Everteam Software SA, a leader in the information management market, has announced the acquisition of the software […]