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Webinar Summary: From Records Retention to an Information Catalog

With our webinar: Beyond Retention Rules: Managing Information Policies and Lifecycles, we wanted you to understand that managing retention rules was just the beginning of managing your information. Full lifecycle information policies can ensure that all your information, regardless of whether it’s deemed a “record” or not can be securely and efficiently managed from creation […]

Tech Tuesday: Getting Started with Classification

One of the most important elements of an information governance program is the proper classification of your data. A central, formal classification scheme is critical, especially when much of the information – structured and unstructured – is used in multiple departments or teams across the organization. If data is the lifeblood of your organization, then […]

Webinar: Managing Information Policies and Lifecycles

Retention rules define what information your organization manages must be kept or deleted, and if they are kept, for how long and what the disposition policy is. Increasing legal and regulatory compliance translates to a lot of work planning for and implementing these retention rules. For some organizations managing retention rules is all they can […]

Spigraph, Everteam & ImageFast Provide Critical Information Governance Solutions to European Market

London (UK), Paris (FR) – April 2, 2019 Spigraph, one of the leading European Value Added distributors in the capture and digital transformation market and part of Everteam Group, a leader in information governance solutions, is pleased to announce the availability of two products from the Everteam Information Governance Suite to their portfolio: everteam.discover and […]

Innovation Lab: The Role of Blockchain in Information Governance

Something is exciting about diving into innovative technology and figuring out how it can improve the way you do business. The blockchain is one of those technologies and in the information management world there are some interesting ways it is helping increase data security, accountability, and transparency. Blockchain – just the basics With many resources […]

Information Governance Innovations in 2019

If 2018 showed us anything, it’s that information governance has captured the attention of organizations of all sizes. Maybe they don’t all refer to the work they do on ensuring their information is well governed as “information governance,” but they are thinking about what’s needed and doing the work to make it happen. While companies […]

Managing Governance Policies with everteam.policy

Keeping up with the constantly changing and growing legal and compliance regulations can seem like an exercise in frustration. Governance policies related to how you use and manage data cross departments and applications, and trying to manage them all in a spreadsheet simply doesn’t make sense. We could go on about the issues with spreadsheets […]