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Can Agile and Enterprise BPM Coexist?

I was having a conversation with a friend the other day who works for a large financial services institution. He was telling me about the enterprise BPM platform they had implemented and the five big projects they had been able to get up and running over the last 3 years. It sounded like they had a good ROI on their $5 million investment–then he mentioned the other 150 smaller projects that were stalled because of a lack of ROI and “time to market” on the platform.

This isn’t the first time I’ve heard a story like this one. A company invests in a very deep, capable enterprise BPM tool like Pega, Appian, OpenText or IBM for all their business process automation needs only to find out that they can’t get a decent ROI on their mid-to-small projects because it simply takes too much time and costs too much money.

So what does the company do? It either bites the bullet and spends too much for smaller projects, or it doesn’t do those projects at all, even though they may be just as important to the success of the business.

Either way, it’s a lose/lose situation.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

It’s Time to Put the Agile Back in your Enterprise BPM Solution

Okay, so maybe you’ve made a big investment in enterprise BPM like one of those listed above.

All is not lost!

What you need is an agile BPM solution that’s easy to implement and work with, enabling you to get your smaller business process automation projects off the ground and drive results. A modern agile BPM solution enables you to:

  • Quickly map processes for human/system and system/system interactions
  • Add business rules, SLA’s, routing and decision tables
  • Easily connect underlying (often legacy) systems, web services, and data sources
  • Expose your results either using a native interface or your web portals and mobile applications

This agile BPM system can run alongside your large BPM platform; it may even integrate with it!

Big Investments Alongside Small Investments that Deliver Big Results

It’s a whole new world where the new norm is change.  With disruption coming at you from every angle, you need tools that can empower quick, agile transformation with a readily achievable ROI.

An agile BPM tool can fit into your current environment and, thanks to open standards, integrate with existing systems – including your current BPM platform and your existing web portal and mobile apps – to help business and IT deliver on the big business transformation results you want.

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Dan Griffith
Sales Director, US and Canada

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