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[Press Release]Empowering People with Special Needs

The General Authority for Retirement and Social Insurance Close Collaboration with Everteam

Doha, Qatar – February 2018 – Everteam proudly designs a website for The General Retirement and Social Insurance Authority a solution optimized for people with disabilities.

The General Retirement and Social Insurance Authority has embarked many procedures to develop its electronic platform to provide more information services to its subscribers, retirees and beneficiaries of retired pensioners. The site is now able to answer all queries for those who are seeking information in addition to expanding their services and making the website friendly for people with special needs.

All the audio and video files on the website are readable files so that the subscribers or retirees with special needs or disabilities can find the content which contains important dialogues and statements that provide answers to the many questions citizens have about development and insurance. The site is also designed to take into consideration the colors for color blinded or with eye disabilities. Infographics have been replaced by simple text readable by the system with no pop-ups included making the interface simple and clear.

“The site complies with the standards of the Ministry of Communications and Transport in terms of website design and technical details which are also in line with Qatar’s strategic vision to improve speed and site performance. The site is also consistent with Google’s search algorithms in terms of technology and structure of locating the information making it easy to access and browse.” Said Therese Amoun (Account Manager at Everteam Qatar)

The development of the site assures the protection of the information available on it. The necessary security measures were taken and there was a keen interest in encrypting information when it was transmitted over the Internet. The site is subject to ongoing maintenance with constant updates. These updates are usually targeted at security and site performance improvements.

Work for this site has started in April 2017 until September 2017 followed by a trial launch period of one month before announcing the launch date official site. “We put a huge focus on working closely with MADA association who complies with taking global recommendations in order to allow people with special needs (those who suffer from hearing impairment or blindness) to surf the site with complete ease. This was definitely one of the most satisfying projects in Everteam Qatar” stated Hussein Abdallah, Country Manager, Everteam Qatar.

About The General Retirement and Social Insurance Authority (GRSIA):

The work of this authority is to strengthen social and economic protection, to consolidate solidarity and solidarity in society and to achieve maximum efficiency in performance by possessing the human, technical and financial capabilities appropriate to achieve its objectives and reach a prestigious position among its counterparts locally and internationally.

Everteam Preferred Partner for Talend in the Middle East

Talend Master VAR Partnership Officially Signed – Enhanced Overall Data Management Software

Beirut, Lebanon – January 2018 – Everteam and Talend signed a Master Value-Added Reseller Agreement, a special agreement driving incremental revenue for both parties.

Data Management Software

Data Management Software

In the increasingly competitive IT industry it is vital for companies to undergo different kind of possible technical & sales alliances. Everteam is a very strong believer in partnership agreements. Everteam saw a partnership opportunity with Talend; a partnership that was beneficial to both parties as   partnering up with Talend would consequently expand Everteams product portfolio. Talend would support through their expertise in Data Management Software & Big Data for complex data integration and streaming projects using 900+ connectors that enable connectivity with almost any application. Through signing this partnership, Everteam will be granted the rights to market, distribute and resell Talend’s software products and services as preferred resellers in the Middle East.

Sales developments open for Everteam across the region, including KSA (exclusively), Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and UAE, as Everteam has a very strong presence in the region. Their vast portfolio speaks for itself with top clients from KSA, Qatar, UAE, Lebanon, and North Africa and beyond. Talend will be able to benefit from this aspect as the company has no direct presence in the region. This will give both parties new opportunities as they complement each other in data management, big data and cloud storage.

Through this partnership Everteam will continue to provide solid product offerings to its clients in the Middle East, but will also use Talend’s advanced Data Fabric middleware solution to convert more and more organizations into data driven organizations through advanced big data management – data collection, extraction and analytics.

Brian Perrins, Sales Manager for Talend emerging markets expressed his excitement over this partnership as he stated the following “We are very thrilled to have Everteam onboard. We know that this partnership will offer a lot of added values for both companies in the region to support our rapidly growing end user base.”

“Through this partnership, I believe that Everteam will be in an even better position to embrace big data and cloud using world class applications from Talend, who are to be recognized as leaders  by top industry analytics like Gartner anf Forrester” said Mr. Rony Oneissi, Vice President Expertise & Solutions at Everteam Global Services.

About Talend:

Talend is a next-generation leader in cloud and big data integration software that helps companies become data driven by making data more accessible, improving its quality and quickly moving it where it’s needed for real-time decision making. Talend’s open-source, native, and unified integration platform, Data Fabric, enables customers to embrace new innovations and scale to meet the evolving data demands of the business.

The only open source vendor named a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Integration and data Quality Tools, and the Forrester Big Data Fabric Wave, Talend’s innovative solutions are relied upon by 1500+ global enterprise customers across a range of industries from Banking to Telecommunications to Governments, including leading brands such as Air France, GE, and Lenovo.

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AI and Big Data Analytics

4 points content services platform should ruminate!

No doubt that AI has made it onto the list of tech buzzwords for 2018 and it has gained so much popularity in the region. Could this be the AI takeover? What if it was? Does that mean we will be dealing with more and more big data analytics? The process of AI includes the stimulation of human intelligence by machines in order to recognize, learn and correct, with the ability to distinguish voice and vision.

As humans, we know more than we can tell however we can plan, deploy and govern suitably. AI is a big example of that. We are also contributing heavily in the production of big data as the world grows in a vast speed, so does “Big Data”. More and more organizations combine between the two, how does big data play a part in the recent improvements of AI and machine learning in overall businesses.

Smarter business

Advancement in data analytics producing professional analysis and facilitating decision making. We will be able to process huge quantities of data. What was once difficult is now a “piece of cake”. Everteam’s Content Services Offering has also become smarter. By integrating next-level capabilities into our Content Services Platform, such as Entity Extraction , we are helping our customers locate and classify atomic elements residing in text, into predefined categories such as the names of persons, organizations, locations, expressions of times, quantities, monetary values, percentages, etc…

Shift to real-time

Data made much more visible and in higher quantities during real-time. Access large amounts of data always available online. Therefore enhanced targeting opening up for better opportunities. Everteam Content Services Platform manages the ingestion, storage and processing of very large volumes of content, coming in various flows and in different formats. Coupled with a Records Management System, fully integrated with the Content Services platform, the solution also manages physical security archives. Based on a distributed processing sub-system to manage the Big Data distributed storage, Everteam analytics solution exposes its services to the Big Data analytical layers as well as other third party applications.


With it a lot of advantages like decentralization, enhanced security and data transactions. As it becomes more popular in financial institutes so does the possibility to identify consumer spending patterns through big data analytics. Everteam solutions already have reliable security measures, however our blockchain connectors are predicted to be released in late 2018, so stay tuned!

Data management enhanced

More data is being produced with time. With improved AI and advanced big data analytics, data coming from various sources can be used to create the necessary products wanted by consumers. Everteam now integrates an Enterprise Data Integration Tool that facilitates data movement from its source to a specified destination in a streamlined and automated, real-time or batch approach while undergoing a set of Extraction, Transformation and Load (ETL) operations to meet the desired outcomes. Extremely large data sets ingested are then stored into the Big Data structures managed by Everteam.

Uses of big data have been able to show positive measures in productivity throughout the years and especially in 2018, covering industries vital to society. Fraud and crime, tax, healthcare systems, government documents and many other aspects have are now easy to wrestle. Built-in data analytics in applications facilitating big data analysis. In short, AI with big data is a great opportunity providing platforms that are easy to install, manage and code.

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Technology Trends 2018

Technology Trends Shaping the Digital World of 2018

As we get ready to welcome 2018, we get ready to take a giant step towards the future by welcoming technology trends 2018. In 2017 we were able to witness the innovation that we have been reading about for a while and those technology trends became tangible. Though predicting the future, specifically the future of technology trends, is not something we can really do, we can take some guesses. Firms such as Gartner, Forbes, cmswire and others… have released some forecasts that help us define the upcoming data and technology trends for the year 2018.

As I went through all the points mentioned i decided to give my observation on the suggested forecasts.

The technological revolution advances at a speedy pace. What is new today can be old tomorrow and if you fail to integrate these technological advances at your work place, you will fall back immediately. Below are 7 most relevant data and technological trends gathered from forecasts of large firms followed by my thoughts and comments in my current position at Everteam, one of the major players in the field of Enterprise Content Management or what’s called Content Services nowadays

Technology Trends 2018

  1. Artificial Intelligence
    As we mentioned in our recent blog about AI making headlines in 2017, we can confidently say that it will continue to make headlines in 2018. Robots and computers will grasp additional data in the coming years. This additional data makes the system learn quicker while increasing its accuracy. As scary as it might sound, this leap in AI means computers can now do more humanly tasks as they will be able to recognize facial expressions, read social media messages, listen and speak. Do brace yourselves for exaggerated claims about robots wanting to take over our jobs and maybe even destroy us!
  2. Internet of Things: Smarter Daily Devices
    Anything can be made into a smart device these days. As technology develops in 2018 we will witness artificial intelligence embedded to almost everything. Whether it’s the car you’re driving or the yoga mat you owe. The devices that are designed to facilitate your life are responsible for generating a substantial amount of data as they are constantly gathering data, connecting to other smart devices for collaborative intelligence. Consequently, a significant number of firms will deploy automated business processes connected to the smart devices where they will take advantage of data analytics, cloud security, scalability and management.
  3. Growth in Computing Power
    Rumor has it that quantum computers will take over “ordinary” machines in 2018 and I believe this rumor to be true! Once they outdo classical computers, they will advance at an even faster pace. Quantum machines are able to perform many tasks that ordinary machines fail to perform at a high-speed. Google is said to unveil a device that is capable of performing calculations that no other regular computer can tackle. Other leaders in technology are in a competitive race to see who will be launching the first feasible, commercial quantum computer which is capable to the extent that it can solve problems we haven’t thought of yet.
  4. The Famous Blockchain
    In 2017, blockchain has proved to cut costs, insure cyber-security, empower users, reduce clutter of multiple ledgers, and most importantly prevent transaction tampering. All this is just the beginning to such innovation. Though many of blockchain technologies are still immature and unproven, it can be very successful if your team is well briefed and familiar with cryptographic skills to clearly understand what are the capabilities and the limitations of blockchain before embarking on any project.. Blockchain will be embedded into many sectors like government, healthcare, content distributions and more.
  5. New Tools for Analytics
    Yes! Everyone appreciates embedded analytics tools in systems for automated analytics. We all want to understand our competitors & consumers, what our numbers mean or even identify the murder of some crime! New tools and techniques are emerging with artificial intelligence technology and natural language processing. A new technology for facilitated search and additional recommendations to assist decision makers mostly in making a decision. Whether you are a marketer, an operations manager or even a crime scene investigator, the new upcoming analytics tools in 2018 are quiet impressive!
  6. Cloud Storage, Secure Storage
    Employees will rely more on data stored in the cloud. To enhance operations and work efficiency throughout organizations, it has been proven that if employees have to wait for an authorized person to pull out a specific document, they will procrastinate and eventually drop the task. Therefore, it is a necessity to allow access to everyone at a business organization to real-time data. Cloud app providers will embed more tools for logging and audit features to assist security professionals in monitoring and controlling the activity on cloud. Workflows will be facilitated as the app will be designed in a user-friendly manner allowing employees to work from anywhere at any time.
  7. Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
    Emerging significantly in 2017 as a very vital technology RPA will continue to do so in 2018. It will commonly be used throughout various organizations focusing on customer-oriented processes. RPA will be combined with other types of technologies such as data capture, RPA becomes even more powerful and vital in business process automation. In 2018 we will witness the integration of RPA with various work executed by human employees as a management tool. This will generate a professional efficient workforce. RPA just might be the new buzzword in 2018! Stay tuned.

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Blockchain Technology

Redefining the Future of e-Services?

We have noticed many changes over the past decade in the digital pattern of the internet and many developments have happened. One of the latest and most repeated over the tips of tongues of CEOs and CTOs, startup entrepreneurs, and even governance activists, is blockchain technology. While some of you are slightly familiar with blockchain, there remains a wide majority who could have heard about it without really understanding how this new technology will redefine the future of internet transactions.

The internet became a tool for us to decentralize our information, it allowed us to interact with anyone by sending any piece of information in less than a second. Yet, with all the advancements the cyber world brought with it, it still had the gloomy and risky side to it as any piece of digital information is at risk. Online store owners remain to put themselves and customers at jeopardy for payment fraud. This is due to insufficient internet safety.

The simplest example of online transaction, is online payment. When you buy a specific item online, the transaction of taking money from the bank involves many intermediaries and all of those intermediaries take a transaction fee which makes it very costly. In the real world however, you do not need an intermediary that needs to check the money and transfer it. Now, you didn’t think I would be sharing with you all this without giving you some good news towards the end right? Today through blockchain, we can send money like we are sending an email. Blockchain was invented to create the alternative invention to currency which is known as “Bitcoin” which may also be used for voting systems, online signatures and many other applications. To understand bitcoins, we need to understand what a blockchain is first.

So, what is Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain stores information across a network of personal computers allowing the information to be disseminated, therefore, no central company owns a system which allows the protection of the integrity of each piece of digital information. This different approach to storing information, is suitable for environments that have high security requirements and value exchange transactions as no single person is allowed to alter any record. It does not only allow us to create safe money online, but it allows us to protect any piece of digital information, examples include contracts, online identity cards and so on. So what is bitcoin again? Bitcoin is a form of digital cash (cryptocurrency) which can be sent to anyone across the internet.  Using bitcoin means there is no intermediary involved.  The verification of the transaction happens with a network of different people all over the globe who help by validating other people’s bitcoin transactions. Blockchain tracks records over this digital cash to validate that only one person is the owner of it.

Just the Beginning of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology brings with it so many advantages and this is only the beginning. Blockchain has proved to cut costs, ensure cybersecurity, empower users, reduce clutter of multiple ledgers, and most importantly prevent transaction tampering. All this is just the beginning to such innovation. This is just the tip of the iceberg as they say, since blockchain technology is predicted to develop so much that soon we will be able to protect our online identity, and track many devices on internet of things. Blockchain has in fact extended its reach beyond the alternative payment system to revolutionize the entire IT world. For example a refrigerator which is connected to the internet whilst being equid with sensors could eventually use blockchain to manage automated interactions with the external world. These interactions may include anything from ordering and paying for food to arranging for its own software upgrades and tracking its warranty.

Blockchain Technology and Data Management platforms…

Blockchain technology has shown that it is not only convenient for financial transactions but also for other sectors that deal with Information and Data such as the public sector… Blockchain technology can simplify the management of information; information is managed in a secure infrastructure due to its decentralized nature, giving blockchain leverage over other digital technologies.

These sectors value privacy therefore managing confidential information becomes very critical when it comes to information security. Public and government organizations have their doubts on storing their data on cloud as they have specific needs like storing data within their borders for security and political reasons. The type of data used and shared within those organizations includes highly confidential records such as birth & death certificates, marital status certifications, licensing for businesses, criminal records and even property transfers. As a consequence, though organizations in the public sector are electronically managing their data some records still remain in hard copy, forcing people’s onsite presence to complete record-related transactions

The strength of blockchain comes from the way it was built as series of blocks that record data in hash functions with timestamps so that data cannot be tampered with. This gives government organizations the guarantee for secure data storage that cannot be manipulated or hacked, leading to improved management of information in the public sector paving the way again for fully smart and secured cities and environments.

There is no doubt that the blockchain technology has gained a wide share in the marketplace and everyone is questioning whether ECM providers (such as Everteam) will be combining blockchain into their solutions. You can rest assure that we will be integrating blockchain technology into our solution, as a matter of fact our blockchain connectors are predicted to be released in late 2018, so stay tuned! Subscribe to our newsletter HERE.