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The rising value of data today requires a great effort to be managed and kept. A greater effort is required to grant a safe, smart and secure way to share and use this data, especially when it comes to key business processes and workflows that allow organizations and governments to communicate.

To efficiently manage data, Everteam developed everteam.iFile, a solution based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to find, identify, manage and process information regardless of its location. Everteam.iFile provides access to content from multiple data repositories as well as a simple and rich functionality combining Intelligent Document Management, Intelligent Workflow Automation, Intelligent Metadata Management and Extraction, Intelligent Processing and Classification of business critical-documents through discovery and auto-tagging.

Gain Greater Control with everteam.iFile…

Through managing complex document types and reducing the process of relying only on paper documents and optimizing the visibility to digital information that could be useful in decision making, everteam.iFile enables content services to be delivered quickly with a minimized cost. This solution automates the iFile approval cycle, alerts & escalations, used in different types of industries such as Insurance companies, financial institutions, HR departments… Additionally, this solution enhances employee performance by reducing time spent on processing and responding to incoming requests from different resources.

Everteam.iFile will analyze large amounts of iFile packages using powerful AI tools to achieve emerging business innovations and maintain the appropriate level of governance compliance as iFile assets and communications are securely stored using record level hash and asset watermarks. Via the ML and AI the system is able to define the type of each file in order to classify the documents automatically without any human intervention. Moreover, the report and monitoring tools granted expose all the KPIs and auditing info.

6 Main Steps of an Intelligent File Management System:

1. iFile Initiator:
The first stage of an iFile lifecycle is its creation. Data is captured, Scanned or uploaded on the system and organized into folders. everteam.iFile defines and generates different types of iFiles and associate them with their family of documents. So if it’s an insurance company for example, each client will have an initial file with all the necessary documents (car details, owner details, history and pictures).

2. iFile Filer:
Once added, the iFile will be ready for the appropriate classification plan and to join other related documents. Users will be able then to add public and private comments and control the access to the iFile based on pre-defined roles. In a financial institution, for example, everteam.iFile will store all retrieved or newly added documents in a dynamic filing plan. This auto classification service will organize the documents according to their metadata.

3. iFile Router:
everteam.iFile helps modeling intermediate to complex level workflow and assign the involved departments and users. It also allows to define the start, end and due date for Case actions and delegate Cases and tasks. In a financial institution for example, a loan request once reaches this phase, will be circulated for review, approval or transferred internally by the involved users to take a certain action. Users, through everteam.iFile, can digitally Sign Case documents and monitor and track all tasks from a dashboard.

4. iFile Tracker:
The Artificial Intelligent engine of everteam.iFile can generate cases from various files and track the whole lifecycle through Visual Tracking to archive these cases, when required, in Big Data for subsequent search and analytics. It is also supported by a notification engine that can send emails and SMS messages. If an HR department is using iFile, applicants will receive notifications to inform them if they have been accepted or not.

5. iFile Monitor:
During the lifecycle of an iFile, the system’s integrated statistics and detailed audit trails reports provides accurate, up-to the-minute overview of data, Cases, updates, and changes that have been made. A custom generation of reports and Auto generated ready to use reports KPIs are included in everteam.iFile features list.

iFile lifecycle: Insurance company case

One of the clients at the insurance company calls to report an accident. The company sends an accident reconstruction expert to assess the situation and submit a report, through which a new file will be created.

This incident can be solved in 2 different ways. One which is manual, the other automatically. Technology has facilitated many methods, making them more accurate, safe and transparent. Instead of having a team to go through the images and reports, study and classify them, everteam.iFile automatically uploads all pictures and reports for the related insurance ID without the need to have someone search the clients’ data base. This saves time, ensures accuracy by eliminating human error margin. These documents will be classified as per predefined criteria Via Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Additionally, the system will extract the data from documents (car plate number, estimation of losses, car damage..) and analyze the file’s qualifications automatically before choosing to submit the approval request.

Normally, or if we may say “Manually”, this process would require the involvement of many employees and several routines, which takes ages to reach the final phase of the process. Using everteam.iFile the request will escalate for the concerned persons for approval and digital signature automatically.

Once approved, and instead of the hand-operated process of creating and filing the new “Case”, everteam.iFile generates automatically an ID for the application, skips calling and sends it to the client phone number in order to proceed with fixing the damaged car.

Now that the car is done, the repair center will send the invoice with application ID to the insurance where the system will check the payment and transfer the money. Everteam.iFile with its tracking ability grants an accurate automated process and leaves no room for mistakes or fraud.

The volume of information organizations create is exploding by the day. Having a solution to connect, extract, process, manage and analyze all information stored securely is no longer an option. Everteam, as global software vendor and a world-class leader in Enterprise Content Management solutions has always the right customizable, off-the-shelf solution!

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