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Everteam For You: simple solutions for targeted needs

A new tool offering for a new era: Everteam For You

The year 2021 will undoubtedly mark a turning point for our society and the approach that companies will have on the use of digital. Unavoidable market evolutions confront companies with new challenges such as the increase in volumes, regulatory pressure or the evolution of practices. Faced with this situation, EVERTEAM has designed Everteam For You, a new range of tools adapted to these new needs.

A market in full mutation, full of promises

The situation has led companies to invest and deploy massively, and in a short time, enterprise “Drive”, (for example, the SharePoint Online / Teams solution or Google Drive).

  • This orientation has made it possible to meet users’ needs in the short term, but has accentuated the growth of a mass of information that is not controlled and is increasingly difficult to access: digital bulk.

Michel Remize, in the magazine Archimagn°342 of March 2021, summarizes it in these terms:

“volumes are exploding. Above all, information is becoming difficult to find, important business documents or documents with evidential value are losing visibility, and heritage assets are being diluted.

To meet these new challenges, new practices, standards and tools are emerging, with the following objectives

  • to implement systems allowing companies to better control their information assets,
  • to enable better information governance.


An evolution of the everteam software offer in line with a changing market

In this context, Everteam Software, a recognized player in the field of ECM and Information Governance for many years, has designed a new range of tools adapted to these new uses and named Everteam For You.

SMEs and large companies have similar needs in terms of digital silos.

Thus, with this range of tools, it is now possible to consider a new and simpler approach to information management projects, to deploy :

  • A cloud-based tool for managing your conservation repository,
  • A smart sanitization / search tool for your shared network drives, sharepoints, mail servers,
  • A “ready to use” cloud-based EDM dedicated to the real estate or insurance market,
  • A NF461/SIAF compliant Cloud Archiving System.

With the principle that each tool can be acquired independently in order to target your need and answer it specifically.

Everteam for you

Everteam for you is above all a range of tools:

  • Modern, to meet the challenges of performance and safety,
  • Easy to use, because the first users are mostly end users, not experts,
  • Targeted on specific use cases, to respond immediately to needs without mobilizing our customers during implementation,
  • Available in SAAS or OnPremise, to adapt to new practices and uses
  • At a competitive price, to acquire only the useful functional perimeter over the desired period,

In concrete terms, the Everteam For You offer is:

  • 9 tools and solutions available to date.
  • 3 solutions available in the cloud
    • Policy, for management and creation of a conservation repository.
    • Archiving
    • Business Ged

Strong point of the offer: A fast implementation to be operational. By proposing tools that can be configured in a few days, it is an offer with unprecedented lead times on the market.