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ICAWOOD Chooses Everteam’s “Fidji” Cloud-based Document Management System for its Real Estate Assets

Paris, July 23, 2020 – Everteam, a leading provider of Enterprise Content Management and Information Governance software, announces that it has been selected by ICAWOOD for its “Sanctuary EDM” project in the Cloud, integrating the Fiji document classification plan.

At the end of April, Everteam published a press release on the integration of the document classification plan defined by the Fidji professional association into its information governance solutions, making it available to all customers in the real estate sector. At the beginning of June, the GED Sanctuary project of ICAWOOD, a low-carbon office development fund in the Greater Paris area, went into production with Everteam‘s GED Fiji solution in Cloud mode.

Ged Everteam - Fidji
ICAWOOD Chooses Everteam's "Fidji" Cloud-based Document Management System for its Real Estate Assets 4

The Sanctuary EDM application went into production quickly. It is easy to use and is completely adapted to the real estate context.

Indeed, the standard inclusion of the “business” classification scheme (Fiji) in the application allows ICAWOOD to use the Fiji document typologies to classify and “type” the stored information. To do this, the contributor of the project-team deposits a document in the Sanctuary by simple drag and drop, describes it briefly, then finds it by browsing the Fiji tree or more intuitive: by simple search by keyword or logical operators.

It is also possible to enrich the metadata and the management rules linked to each type of document to stipulate, for example, legal retention periods or a level of confidentiality.

Integration, hosting and facilities management are provided by Jouve, Everteam‘s partner. Everteam and Jouve have designed this approach to be replicable with short deployment times and an optimised quality/price ratio.

ICAWOOD has requested the services of Arkibos, to manage the project and benefit from the advice in terms of Document & Records Management for the real estate sector.

About Everteam: Founded in 1990, Everteam is a software editor specialized in content management and information governance. Combining expertise and technological innovations around artificial intelligence and natural language processing (NLP) thanks to its research laboratory Everteam.lab, Everteam solutions are available on a unique software platform, and adapted to different business contexts. This allows hundreds of global companies, leaders in their respective sectors, to make their information a real asset and to control it, while reducing costs and risks. In January 2020, Everteam became part of the Kyocera Group (more than 76,000 employees worldwide, $14.6 billion in revenue), thus benefiting from new levers of development and growth for the benefit of all its customers.

About Jouve: As a specialist in data and digital uses, Jouve simplifies and customises digital processes. For more than 40 years, the group has accompanied its banking, public, industrial and patent office customers in robotising and optimising their business processes, and in enhancing and distributing their data. A key player in the banking market, Jouve is a digital partner for mutual insurance companies and the health sector. This business approach allows us to meet the challenges of regulatory compliance and to guarantee the success of our customers’ digital products and services. Today, Jouve has 300 workflows, including 80 decisional workflows in the banking and insurance market, for 200 million images processed by its OCR each year. Jouve combines the robustness of a multi-site production force with the agility of teams and advanced technologies, notably in AI, to offer uses adapted to the changing needs of the markets. Jouve has nearly 1,800 employees and is present in 10 countries in Europe, North America, and Africa.

About Arkibos: Founded in May 2018, Arkibos is a consulting firm specializing in Information Governance, offering a very strong expertise in the conduct of archiving and records management projects.