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Everteam’s InfoGov Strategy Validated by an Increasing Number of Market Entrants

In the last several months, a number of commercial and open source Enterprise Content Management vendors have announced new Information Governance offers.  As an innovator in Information Governance and the company that helped define the federated, manage in-place paradigm that others are now adopting, Everteam welcomes the competition.

New interest in this sector is a strong validation of our approach to meeting Information Governance and Enterprise Content Management challenges.  Almost four years ago, Everteam recognized the need to supplement the capabilities of our ECM product line with a federated Information Governance offer called the Everteam Information Governance Suite.   Components of the Information Governance Suite include:

  • A data hub with a broad family of connectors to provide visibility into file shares, groupware, email, and enterprise application information sources — as well as certified connectors for ERP data sources like SAP to govern information wherever it resides.
  • A machine-learning powered information catalog capable of advanced file and data analytics based on artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing technologies (NLP) to enable features such as:
    • Digital Subject Access Request (DSAR) support for improved compliance with privacy protection regulations like GDPR and CCPA, including workflows for fulfilling requests for sensitive data disclosure, update, and removal.
    • Features for litigation and audit support, with legal hold capabilities to ensure that relevant information is made unalterable during an eDiscovery process.
    • Enhanced autoclassification, including tuning features like a Machine Learning Training Set user interface, a process transparency panel to highlight why a category was recommended by the system, suggestion and auto-validation modes for greater automation levels, and more.
    • More NLP-powered named entity extraction capabilities to recognize a broader range of PII-related values.
  • A broad set ofactions available from within our Information Governance Suite to turn raw content into secured and managed information assets.
  • An environment for creating and applying policies to better manage the full information lifecycle for all your content and not just for formal records. Key capabilities recently added to this product include:
    • Improved Master Metadata Management across multiples repositories to improve search efficiency.
    • Advanced hierarchical retention schedules to accurately model legal and business requirements.
    • Support for multiple concurrent jurisdictions to reflect the realities of concurrent external and internal information lifecycle management requirements.
  • Built-in archival capabilities to allow both structured and unstructured information to be moved out of active systems for as-needed access prior to eventual destruction. Architected with digital preservation and long-term archive integrity in mind, it includes recent functional additions like:
    • Support for SEDA (ISO 20614) – The new data exchange protocol for interoperability and preservation.
    • Ability to validate and preserve external enterprise application records, including SAP records, according to information policies and record types set during information cataloging and curation phases.
    • Synchronization and validation of metadata schemas at point of archive capture.

In addition to these product innovations, Everteam remains well-positioned to lead this growing sector thanks to factors that include:

  • Sustained R&D investment in the field of Information Governance, resulting in the most functionally mature product set of its kind available anywhere. We are thought leaders and first movers in the Information Governance space, and will only accelerate as the market becomes more validated by new entrants.
  • 30 years of experience in information lifecycle management and Information Governance, bringing insights and perspective to our product development efforts that are exceptionally well-informed by customer needs and market realities.
  • A global team with a heritage focused on the data privacy protection and Information Governance requirements of the French market, arguably the most stringent in the world. As companies in North America are becoming aware of the importance of ensuring data privacy protection in the wake of CCPA, this experience in the world’s most privacy-minded market brings a more rigorous approach to IG than other players can match.
  • An Information Governance Suite that is not only innovative but proven in production settings with some of the most trusted brands in the world. Our customers enjoy the best of both worlds — products that are at the forefront of the InfoGov revolution, but low-risk thanks to their production presence and proven capabilities.

Evidence shows that good Information Governance is critical to the success of any enterprise. Recognizing this earlier than most, Everteam finds itself increasingly well-positioned to meet the evolving needs of our customers worldwide. Identifying and securely managing sensitive information throughout its lifecycle, surfacing the most valuable information assets to better inform and enable lines of business, and reducing the volume of “dead weight” redundant, obsolete, or trivial information are just a few of the ways we help our customers succeed.  With a strong and dedicated R&D group innovating in emerging technology areas like blockchain and deep learning to improve record integrity and automated information classification, Everteam looks forward to continuing its leadership in this growing and dynamic sector.