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Ministry of Infrastructure Development in the UAE Highly Recognizes Everteam

Dubai, UAE – April 2019, Everteam receives a distinction A Grade and has been listed on the Ministry of Infrastructure Development (MoID) as an ‘A list’ supplier due to their outstanding efforts and services provided in the year 2018.

“Everteam has been in the UAE for well over 10 years now. It is an honor to receive this distinction from one of our prestigious customers especially the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development. This comes as a reward to our continuous efforts for achieving great success stories” Stated Hani Hannoun, Executive Manager and UAE country manager at Everteam.

This recognition comes further to the main two projects that Everteam executed for the Ministry since 2016, for the implementation of our Everteam products for correspondence management, document management and archiving.

The mission of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development consists in the development of balanced infrastructure capable to compete through organization, planning, construction and maintenance of infrastructure projects. Besides, MoID is also responsible for organizing the federal housing sector in accordance with the world’s best standards and specifications through optimal investment of resources and in partnership with the relevant authorities.​

The Ministry was having a difficult time manually dealing with all types of incoming and outgoing correspondence leading to higher processing time, inefficient information worker allocation and increased cost for managing and monitoring this massive amount of information.

For that reason, MOID requested a Correspondence Tracking Solution to assist it in overcoming its organizational hurdles by automatically managing and tracking all correspondences, achieving a paperless and smarter office. The main benefit achieved with the implementation of those systems was the ability to now access information, at any time and from anywhere. Additionally, the Ministry was having a hard time handling its misplaced, lost, damaged, and unavailable documents. Consequently, it realized the need to centralize its documents in a unified and secure repository, making them available for retrieval and viewing.

MoID chose Everteam due to its remarkable reputation in the field. Everteam is a proud active member in the UAE community, contributing positively to achieving its vision 2021. We have been putting our 30 years of experience, our internationally flavored methodology, best practices and our best of breed products & solutions into the hands of our local customers, helping them achieve successful digital transformation journeys.