Records retention schedule and policy


everteam.policy for a simple records retention schedule

With the increasing number of regulations and compliance requirements, organizations must implement and document their retention policies and apply the related rules to their records
funds. Defining, formalizing and, most importantly, applying these policies is over time an increasingly difficult and time-consuming task.

Information Policy Management

Collect, document and apply your retention schedules and information governance policies across your organization with everteam.policy,

Everteam.policy is an easy-to-use tool that allows organizations to efficiently develop, publish, and manage their repository and retention periods at the organizational level.

  • Cloud-based solution for:
    • Collecting, describing, and managing your retention policy.
    • Maintain your processing log in compliance with regulatory obligations for your
      entire organization.

With everteam.policy, your organization benefits from a single, centralized referential to manage all your information governance policies. It also provides business users access to your filing plan and document type descriptions to allow them to view the latest updates.

The solution is available in Saas, Private Cloud, or On Premises.

Have a look on the solution, with this video (french only)

  • Describe your retention rules from any browser interface.

  • Centralize the access and preservation of your governance policies in one single place

  • Delegate updating, validate change requests before publication, and maintain history.

  • Manage advanced rules (multi-jurisdiction, multi-steps, multi-version).

  • Prove compliance with regulatory requirements (retention obligations and Art.30 of the GDPR).


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