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Enterprise search platform

Entreprise intelligent search platfom

The solution is a an enteprise search platform for analyzing and enriching your content in order to simplify your regulatory compliance, preserve your sensitive data, migrate your documents or simply clean up your information.



Connect, Federate, Analyze, Categorize and Govern all of your organization information.

Key benefits:

  • Improve search times
  • Reduce storage costs
  • Ensure compliance (e.g. RGPD)
  • Reduce migration costs and time
  • Identify binding documents
  • Controlling information assets

Features of Entreprise search platform :

  • Multi-source connectors (SAP, network drive, Sharepoint, Exchange,…) ready to use
  • Advanced multilingual searches (language detection, semantic expansion, etc.)
  • Named entity extraction (NLP) and self-classification (machine learning) to enrich content
  • Automatic categorization to quickly identify sensitive content (e.g. personal data) and engaging documents
  • Customizable dashboards to facilitate decision making
  • Technologies adapted to big data volumes

The use of the everteam.Discover solution is vast, and opens a functional field including connection with your other applications: Document sanitization and cognitive search under shared drives, email, office 365, Sharepoint On-Prem, SAP.

For each of these use cases we have created vertical and packaged solutions.


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