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[Press Release]Partnership with Qlik Effective Today! | BI Based Products Complimenting our Product Portfolio

Beirut, Lebanon – April 2018 – Everteam announces an effective strategic partnership agreement with Qlik whereby Everteam Global Services becomes an Authorized Qlik reseller in the Middle East. Qlik is a world leader in data visualization, self-service and BI applications. This is a unique partnership with exceptional opportunities.

It is very common within organizations in the ICT sector to have strategic partners that specialize in specific modern technologies facilitating certain services. Everteam saw a partnership opportunity with Qlik; a partnership that would combine Everteam’s expertise and innovative solutions in the field of content services and information governance with Qlik’s practical knowledge in BI data analytics.

Everteam, an international content services platform provider with a very well established name and portfolio including top clienteles in MEA, Europe, US, and Asia wanted to further expand its product portfolio by partnering up with Qlik who is a world leader in data visualization, self-service and BI applications.

“Everteam carefully picks the “best out of the breed” as they say, to polish and refine its product offerings. Today we have add Qlik as a partner, completing all the important product components: Data Capture, Content Analytics and Data Visualization. A win-win partnership with niche players.” stated Roni Oneissi, VP Expertise and Solutions, Everteam

Everteam will be able to upsell leading BI and data visualization solutions to its existing clients and will enter the growing Business Intelligence space that has been witnessing strong demand in the Middle East.

Qlik will expand its coverage by maximizing its presence in the region and relying on a solid solution provider like Everteam who has a strong and historical presence in the region with high profile and prestigious customers using our solutions in a mission-critical environment.

“This is an unpreceded opportunity for both parties because we have completed our solutions offering by addressing the end-to-end customers’ needs from Capture, to management/archiving and visualization. This strengthens our solutions strategy by offering best-of-breed and modular architecture based on best-in-class solutions.” Added Roni.

Business intelligence allows for an advanced data analytics process. It provides the option to visualize structured data and optimize analytics offerings. “We are always on the lookout to partner up with companies who can be of an added value to our services while gaining additional resellers. Everteam has a strong footprint in KSA and other Gulf countries. Our product highly complements Everteam’s product offering. This partnership is one with a very powerful synergy. Two leaders in the ICT industry joining forces.” Kerry Koutsikos, Area Vice President – Emerging Marekets, Qlik.

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