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Webinar Wrap-up: Privacy pays off in increased trust, brand equity, and valuation

Last week, Everteam’s Chief Customer Officer Ken Lownie presented a webinar discussing how investments in privacy pay off in increased customer trust and brand loyalty. Below are the key points addressed in the webinar.

  1. Privacy is Efficient: Organizations that address privacy management with strategic investments will rise above regulatory compliance panic and save time, energy, resources, and money.
  2. Consumer Expectations Have Changed: Careless business practices and frivolous approaches to consumer privacy have created a climate of suspicion, making trust an organization’s most valuable asset.
  3. Privacy Pays: Consumers are choosing products and services with a proven track record of privacy protection over less transparent options. Consequently, financial performance and privacy protection are highly correlated, as shown via studies performed by EY.
  4. Privacy is Marketing-Worthy: Transparency means telling people what you’re doing.  Organizations that are implementing strong privacy practices should incorporate this into their marketing to help realize some of the brand loyalty and valuation benefits.
  5. Employees Expect Leadership: Employees believe that one of their leadership’s key responsibilities in brand management is to address privacy issues; however, many CEOs don’t know how to implement a privacy strategy.
  6. It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint: While there are “band-aid” approaches for organizations seeking better data privacy practices and regulatory compliance, investment in a comprehensive information governance strategy that incorporates both technology and improved operational processes is a more long-term, sustainable solution.

As organizations continue to inform their business making decisions with information governance, longstanding software solutions companies can help effectively address privacy pain points.  With three decades of history and leadership in the information governance sector, Everteam has helped some of the world’s leading organizations to take control of their information, fostering customer relationships built on a firm foundation of privacy and trust. Learn more about the compelling benefits of a privacy culture by listening to Everteam’s on-demand webinar The Privacy Payoff: Increased Trust.

Don’t miss another opportunity to learn more – register for the upcoming workshop on emerging privacy technologies in our IG insight discussion “AI, Blockchain, and Emerging Tech” featuring Ken Lownie on Wednesday, September 18 at 2 pm EST.