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Documation 2023: summary of our conferences

Here is what you should know: Summary of Everteam Documation 2023 conferences

“When do we talk about digital Bulk? Can we automatically put order in it? With what governance rules?”

Feedback from Everial‘s consulting department


  • Aurélie Rocamora – Everial Innovation and Marketing Director
  • Noureddine Lamrirri VP Product Marketing Everteam
  • Moderator: Clemence Jost – Editor-in-Chief – Serda Archimag Group


In a packed room, the subject of digital bulk, which is obviously at the heart of the concerns of companies, was addressed in a concrete and unprecedented way.

Co-hosted by Everteam and Everial, a global approach to digital bulk management was presented, including the methodological dimension and tools.

The concept of digital bulk was clarified as well as the main issues of a digital bulk management project.

The conference was followed by a presentation of a 3-step bulk processing methodology (Identify, Analyze and Process) illustrated by the demonstration of the software capable of

  • auditIing existing digital bulks.
  • acting by allowing them to be cleaned up, enriched and classified.
  • controling the life cycle of files within the bulk.

Find here the interview conducted live on the show at the end of this conference

or our white paper (french only).

“How to share and deploy in a compliance and sobriety approach”

Feedback from Carmeuse on their electronic archiving project


  • Sandra Flamant Carmeuse – Knowledge Management Business Center
  • Noureddine Lamrirri VP Product Marketing Everteam
  • Moderator: Clemence Jost – Editor-in-Chief – Serda Archimag Group

During this conference, the place was entirely left to the testimony of the Carmeuse company on the implementation of their ambitious archiving project based on everteam tools.

We were able to discover the business and the size of Carmeuse, a company with an international dimension and more than 4500 employees.

The testimony was particularly enlightening on the relationship and the importance of a good articulation between the life cycle of documents and knowledge.

The acculturation of the company on the processes of document management and archiving were exposed with a particular focus on the archiving project of Carmeuse called “Archlime”.

The testimony concluded with a sharing of the obstacles encountered, the risks to be avoided and finally the factors that have accelerated the deployment of the archiving project.

It was a concrete testimony anchored to reality that allowed to share a successful experience of implementation of an SAE in a large group, thanks to the company Carmeuse for that.

You can find the podcast of this conference on line.


CSR & digital sobriety: the must-haves for document management in 2023

MAIF‘s experience on Digital Sobriety in a DMS .


  • Adrian Ciocan – MAIF Product Owner
  • Noureddine Lamrirri VP Product Marketing Everteam
  • Moderator: Clemence Jost – Editor-in-Chief – Serda Archimag Group

In 2023, the subject of digital sobriety is on everyone’s lips and is a present and future objective for companies in France and around the world.

In this context, the presentation made by Adrian CIOCAN from MAIF was fundamental in exposing how to initiate a Digital Sobriety approach on a DMS.

This innovative initiative was presented in a concrete way by breaking down the prerequisites and principles to be applied, notably with the POSMAD method.

The presentation continued by emphasizing the importance of establishing appropriate and reliable measurement indicators.

Finally, it was presented the results obtained on the different components of the GED solution in place.

The results presented were instructive and edifying in that they allowed us to measure the impact between DMS uses and energy consumption.

Archimag has written an article on this conference, discover it :

How Maif made its Ged rhyme with CSR and digital sobriety