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Personal data


Ever Team Software places great importance on privacy, including the right of individuals to control the dissemination and use of their personal data, which includes information about themselves,
their personal preferences, or events in their private lives.
Ever Team Software is committed to protecting the personal data of the users of its website and complies with the laws and regulations in force to guarantee the protection of the rights of individuals with regard to confidentiality and management of personal data.

The term “personal data” means any information that identifies an individual. This includes any information you agree to provide that identifies you personally. This includes, without limitation, information relating to your identity, gender, address, telephone number, email address or date of birth. It may also include information about you that is publicly available online on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google.

This policy also includes the principles established for the collection, processing and use of personal data collected through our website.


  • The website is owned and operated by Ever Team Software (Everteam).
  • This means that, from the point of view of confidentiality and security of personal data, Ever Team Software is responsible for data processing.
  • The data is hosted at OVH, in a datacenter in France.


Description of the personal data you provide to us, the purpose of our collection and use of such data All personal data you provide us with is then processed in a fair and lawful manner.

When you visit our website, you have the option of not providing any personal data. However, if you wish, you may provide us with personal data for the following purposes:

● Respond to your requests and/or provide you with access to specific information you have requested.
● Sign up for events or marketing lists offered by Everteam.
In this case, we may collect the following personal data:
● Full name
● Name of your company
● Location of your company
● Your title in the company
● Your department
● Phone number
● Email address.

Any data collected in this way may be used by Ever Team Software, if you have confirmed your consent in the form, to inform you about the products we offer and for marketing or sales purposes.

Ever Team Software reserves the right to contact you if necessary in these contexts.

Depending on the context, we may also need to collect personal data in order to provide certain services and process certain requests.

In order to facilitate our sales and marketing efforts, Ever Team Software may cross-reference the personal data you provide with other information that you do not directly provide. This information may be provided by Ever Team Software’s suppliers who work with Ever Team Software in its sales and marketing efforts.

Ever Team Software uses automated processes in its internal systems to optimize its marketing and sales activities. You may, if you wish, at any time, request to be deleted from these processes, by submitting a request via the contact forms available at the end of this document.

Ever Team Software may use your IP address to diagnose problems with the website and to administer it. When you visit our website, we only recognize your domain and never collect your email address. We will only see your email address if you provide it to us by filling out a form or sending us an email.


Ever Team Software uses cookies on its website. Cookies are small files that your browser automatically creates and stores on your device (computer, phone, smartphone etc) when you visit our website. Cookies are safe and do not contain viruses, Trojan horses or other malicious software.

Information about each terminal used is stored in the cookies. However, this does not mean that we can identify you.

Cookies are used to ensure the proper functioning and security of our website, as well as to make browsing more enjoyable. For example, we use session cookies to find out if you have visited a web page on the site before and to speed up the loading process. These cookies are deleted when you log out.

In order to improve the comfort of the user who uses our website, we use temporary cookies, which are stored on your terminal for a predefined period. This allows us, if you visit the site again to use our services within this period of time, to automatically recognize that you have been there before and to retrieve your preferences and data so that you do not need to
re-enter them.

We also use cookies to keep track of the use of our website and your use of our site in order to optimize your experience when using our services. These cookies allow us to know that you
have already visited the site and are also automatically deleted after a predefined period.

The data we process via cookies is processed for the purposes described above, either for purposes that are therefore necessary for us, or necessary for third parties, in accordance with
Art.6(1)(1)(f) of the RGPD regulation.

Most browsers accept cookies by default. However, you can configure them so that no cookies are stored on your machine. A notification banner appears on the site when cookies are set.

Disabling cookies may cause the website to malfunction, including preventing the use of certain features.


Ever Team Software may also work with service providers who act on behalf of and at the direction of Ever Team Software. These service providers may have access to your personal data. Ever Team Software requires these third parties to implement the necessary technical and organizational security solutions to ensure the security of the data provided to them and to ensure that they only use personal data for the purposes for which they have been provided.

The Ever Team Software Affiliates and/or Service providers may be located in countries that do not impose data protection rules equivalent to those established by the European Data Protection Directives (95/46/EG). In such cases, Ever Team Software will take the necessary steps to secure data transfers in accordance with European laws.


We are committed to managing your Personal Information in a secure manner. To protect against unauthorized access or disclosure, we have put in place physical, electronic, and
managerial procedures to ensure that your Personal Information is secure at all times.

● All data you provide to us is stored on servers secured by a strong password policy to prevent unauthorized access.
● We control that only those who strictly need to can access your personal data. All Everteam employees undergo security training and are required to sign a set of security policy and procedure documents as part of their job.
● Our entire website uses the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol. This means that all information that passes between your terminal and our servers is encrypted so that no
one can read it. The authenticated parts of our website have an automatic logout feature. If your session is inactive for a certain period of time, it is deactivated to prevent unauthorized access.

If you would like to report a vulnerability on one of our websites, you can provide a detailed description to


To contact us regarding this security policy, please send an email to legal@everteam or a registered letter to the following address
EVER TEAM SOFTWARE – 17 quai Joseph Gillet 69004 Lyon France