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everteam.archive Now Supports SEDA/MEDONA (NF Z44-022) and DEPIP (ISO 20614) Data Exchange Standards

Everteam, a leading provider of enterprise content management and information governance software, is pleased to announce that its everteam.archive software now supports the SEDA (Data Exchange Standard for Archiving) 2.1, NF Z44-022 and ISO 20614 standards. The everteam.archive product is used by organizations around the world to manage their digital and physical documents throughout their lifecycle. By supporting the highest standards to govern the integrity of the archiving process, Everteam helps promote strong information governance practices for its private and public sector clients. SEDA 2.1 is the latest version of the SEDA interoperability standard, which has been regularly revised since its first version in 2006. The result of a collaboration between the Archives de France and the Direction Générale de la Modernisation de l’État (DGME), SEDA is a protocol for the exchange of messages and metadata used to describe, manage and maintain archival and technical information. This standard has been extended to the international level with the emergence in 2017 of the ISO 20614 standard (DEPIP), which, like the MEDONA standard, aims to ensure greater interoperability between archive systems and partner information systems. Like NF Z44-022 (MEDONA), ISO 20614 (DEPIP) can be used to support both physical and digital archives. These standards are now important tools to facilitate the smooth and accurate flow of information between the various actors in the archiving process: producers, archiving services (including digital archiving software platforms and physical archiving service providers) and consumers. In the case of archives containing sensitive digital and physical documents over a potentially long period of time, this capacity is essential to facilitate the circulation of archives during their life cycles. By providing its customers with products such as everteam.archive, based on standards that help improve archive management practices while simplifying users’ use of the software, Everteam is strengthening its position in the information governance market. For more details on Everteam products to discover, optimize and archive all types of structured and unstructured data, including physical archives, visit About Everteam: The world’s most admired organizations care deeply about their data. Everteam software protects sensitive data by identifying, classifying and managing it. With three decades of experience, Everteam understands the challenges and opportunities that information governance brings. Guaranteeing customer privacy, demonstrating regulatory compliance, eliminating redundant or obsolete information, Everteam helps some of the world’s leading brands win customer loyalty.