Everteam and Flatirons Jouve Partner to Help Organizations Advance Information Governance

The right combination of strategic consulting and information governance tools for compliance-driven organizations

Boston, MA: Everteam, a leading provider of Information Governance and content management software and Flatirons Jouve, a content lifecycle management consultant and systems integrator, and , announce a new partnership to help organizations address their toughest information management challenges. Together, Flatirons Jouve and Everteam provide a strategic consulting and intelligent Information Governance solution to help clients develop and deploy comprehensive information management strategies. Through the partnership, Flatirons Jouve will serve as one of Everteam’s select integration partners in North America and Europe, giving clients easy access to Everteam’s leading suite of Information Governance software and Flatirons Jouve’s consulting and implementation teams.

Enterprises face enormous challenges today with managing their growing information, whether structured data or unstructured content. Information growth within existing and new IT systems is forcing the re-evaluation of information lifecycle management strategies. In addition, enterprises are under intense pressure to ensure the integrity of their data within the firewall and to adhere to ever-stricter data governance requirements.

Everteam’s Information Governance solutions cover the five-step stages of an effective content lifecycle strategy: Connect to all content and data repositories across the organization, discover the content within those repositories, effectively manage and archive data according to records management policies, and leverage that data through actionable content analytics.

Flatirons Jouve has a proven track record in supporting clients’ content lifecycle management needs across a range of markets including manufacturing, banking, healthcare, insurance, education, the public sector, and more. Their experience has helped many enterprises reduce costs and risk through the proper management of data.

“The decision to partner with Flatirons Jouve came down to their extensive expertise in helping enterprises solve their most strategic information management challenges,” said Firas Raouf, CEO Everteam. “Through the partnership, organizations now have easy access to some of the best information management consultants and most sophisticated Information Governance software available today.”

“A solid information governance strategy requires not only understanding what data you have across your organization, but also managing it according to well-defined policies and leveraging that data to improve customer experience,” said Joe Mihalik, Chief Consulting Officer of Flatirons Jouve. “Everteam’s approach to information governance, particularly its ability to connect to existing systems and content repositories, and apply records management and content analytics across all data, ensures organizations have the right tools at each stage in the content lifecycle.”

To learn more about Everteam’s suite of Information Governance software, visit https://www.everteam.com/en/.

To learn more about Information Governance consulting and system integration, visit http://www.flatironsjouve.com/solutions/information-governance/.

About Everteam

Everteam is a global software vendor specializing in information governance, content management and process automation solutions for mid to large corporate enterprises and government entities. With over 25 years experience and innovation in the field of Enterprise Content Management. Everteam works with enterprise customers across the world, including Florida Blue, First Financial Bank, Orbitz, St. Gobain, Singapore Airlines, BNP Paribas, British Sky Broadcasting and Slate Street. Everteam is headquartered in Lyon (EU) and Boston (US), with regional offices in Beirut, Dubai, and Paris.

About Flatirons Jouve

Flatirons Jouve™ (www.flatironsjouve.com) provides solutions and services that organizations need in order to harness their most complex data, optimize their business processes, and create compelling digital experiences. A longtime leader in content driven markets like aviation and publishing, Flatirons Jouve™ also provides disruptive innovations to meet knowledge delivery requirements in the manufacturing, banking, healthcare, insurance, education, and public sectors. Flatirons Jouve™ counts 2,500 employees and operates worldwide in 15 countries from offices in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.


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Barb Mosher Zinck


Houston Executive Breakfast: Is Your Content Making You a Cyber Risk?

Join us in Houston on October 18th for an Executive Breakfast with the Experts where we will share an innovative approach to reducing risk that combines information governance with business continuity and insurance.

During this one-hour chat you’ll hear from:

  • Rob Walters, Cyber Liability Specialist: Rob will talk about the correlation between information management and cyber liability, and how loose content controls greatly increase Cyber Risk.
  • Gungor Aydogmus, CEO InfoDNA Solutions: Gungor will outline an approach to developing or improving your information management program that includes eliminating ROT and improving security and governance.
  • Ken Lownie, CCO Everteam: Ken will give you a practical approach to Information Governance and walk you through the tools required to find and govern your information right.
  • Supreet Singh, Tech Strategy & Management – Exp. Manager, Grant Thornton: Supreet will discuss the challenges of balancing cyber risks and opportunities to drive innovation and growth and how organizations need to shift to a “control to transform” mindset.

We’ll also conduct a Q&A session where you can ask the panel questions that relate to your situation and challenges.

You will leave this session with:

  • A comprehensive Risk Reduction Strategy that combines content reduction, classification, content management and compliance with business needs.
  • A framework to protect sensitive information even when there is a successful cyber attack.
  • An understanding of the tools and processes necessary to lower Cyber Security insurance costs.

60% of organizations fear they aren’t prepared to manage cyber threats, according to a recent study. Manage your information properly, and you won’t fall into the same trap.

Learn how you can reduce cyber risk with information governance and the right insurance protection. Reserve your seat today.

Everteam Wins Award for Best InfoGov Company at InfoGovCon 17

Last week we attended, and happily sponsored, InfoGovCon 17. Providence, Rhode Island is a beautiful place to hang out for a few days and our team spent some time talking to event goers on all things related to information governance.

There is a lot of work to be done to improve how organizations manage their information. It starts with finding it all across all the different business systems where information is stored. It was clear from our discussions that file analytics is a critical capability needed. If you don’t know what information you have and where it’s located, how can you decide how to best manage it?

Of course, file analytics is only the beginning. Once you have that picture you need to start making some decisions. This is where the heart of information governance kicks in.

Bassam Zarkout did a presentation on File Shares Remediation, the process of determining what information you have and how to organize and deal with it. According to Bassam, there is so much content hidden away in file shares and other repositories, including cloud-based repositories, that organizations need to get a handle on it before it’s too late. (Think GDPR and Cyber Risk here). Check out his slides, they are packed with excellent insights!

The conference ended with a nice award for Everteam. We won the Best Information Governance Company of 2017 and we couldn’t be more proud. Our team works hard to design and develop the best solutions to support information governance strategies. We work with a great group of partners to deliver those solutions within the right framework for your company.

InfoGovCon Award

If you are interested in learning more about Everteam and our perspective on Information Governance, start with our Information Governance Overview or leave your contact info and we’ll get in touch.

[Press Release] Transform or Be Left Behind.

Everteam as Diamond Sponsors at the Kingdom Digital Transformation Show in Riyadh.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – October 3rd 2017 – Everteam proudly announces its participation as Diamond Sponsor at the Kingdom Digital Enterprise Transformation Show, the Kingdom’s biggest digital transformation show yet. The show will be held in Riyadh on the 7th and 8th of November 2017.

Saudi Arabia has embarked on National Transformation Program (NTP) 2020 and Vision 2030. One of the measures as outlined in Vision 2030 is fostering a digital culture and shifting more and more to a digital economy. This is quite appealing to the growing Saudi population with a median age today of 25. Digital transformation is the only way forward for any Government, Public, and Private Sector/Services Enterprise wishing to survive.

Created for the first time in response to the ever-changing structure of modern business due to technology under the theme of “transform or be left behind”, it remains the only national platform that allows senior executives and attendees from across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to learn, experience, network, compare and buy the most advanced solutions.

All sectors from Government, Public Sector, Manufacturing, Trading, Energy, Utilities, Healthcare, Hospitality, Transportation, Tourism, Banking, Insurance, Engineering, Education, etc… Every single Enterprise can take advantage of this revolution and create an organization that will take the business to the future.

The show is aimed for all business leaders that would like to face the challenges, capitalize on the opportunities of the digital economy and most importantly create a world class organization.

Everteam saw that it is vital to participate in such a show as the objective of it is to shed the light on the need for Digital Transformation. It is no longer only the job of an IT Department or CIO, all organizational stakeholders across all departments need to put digital transformation as a top priority. Traditional model operating organizations will slowly lose their market share if they refuse to move with the trend of the digital age. Hence, IT leaders (CIO/CTOs) are under pressure to shift from the current traditional obsolete working models to evolve into a new cost efficient modern organization that will be innovative and increase work efficiency.

Everteam will showcase its product portfolio and innovative Digital Transformation solutions including its Data Management, Content Management, Process Automation, Archiving and Records Management, Data Visualization and Analytics.

“We are very excited to meet over 300 senior leaders who will be attending this event, and participate in in-depth conversations with top industry influencers to highlight how eveteam will support organizations in the  current and future impact of digital technology through showcasing our latest innovations that will enable digital transformation.” Said Bilal HMEDEH, Vice President Middle East and Africa- Everteam Global Services.

The show will be held for two days at Burj Rafal, Hotel Kempinski. There will be many key note speakers and panels from experts in the industry, along with the opportunity for major networking. More details here.

About Everteam:

Everteam is the leading provider of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Solutions with over 25 years of experience and innovation in the field. Founded in nineteen ninety (1990) Everteam has sustained a positioning strategy in the industry which incorporates superior service quality, innovative solutions and proximity. With direct presence in the United States, France, the Gulf and Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Qatar, United Arab Emirates), and Singapore, Everteam connects people, process and content to improve customer experience, streamline business processes, optimize records management and adhere to compliance requirements.

For additional information, please visit: http://www.everteam.com/

About Kingdom Digital Enterprise Show:

Organized for the first time, to take place in Riyadh, KSA from the 7th till the 8th of November 2017at Burj Rafal, Hotel Kempinski. The objective of this show is to be able to offer knowledge and awareness of leading technological innovations and solutions to all stake holders from CEOs, Operations, Finance, Human Resources, Product Development, Sales and Marketing, Customer Service, Customer Experience that can enable the future of your business in a fast and safe manner with least or no business disruption.

For additional information, contact us on:
Tel: + 961 3 397239
Email: corporatemarketing@everteam-gs.com
Website: http://www.everteam.com/
Follow us on Twitter or Facebook or LinkedIn

For immediate release, contact:
Stephanie AZARIAN
Marketing Manager
Office Phone: + 961 3 397239
Mobile Phone: + 961 3 907445
E-mail: s.azarian@everteam-gs.com

Everteam Process Listed as KMWorld Trendsetting Product for 2017

We all like accolades, especially when they are related to the hard work we do everyday developing and creating products designed for our customers. That’s why we are excited that everteam.process is listed as a Trendsetting Product for 2017.

Here’s what they listed about everteam.process:

Everteam: Everteam.process—latest version introduces a new business activity monitoring (BAM) dashboard that helps easily monitor processes; the dashboard is enabled by default, so all the administrator needs to do is configure it.”

You don’t need a complex, expensive business process management solution. In most cases, what you need is process automation capabilities such as process orchestration or workflow automation and that’s where our solution can help. If you need a way to utilize data and processes from existing systems and expose them in business applications, web portals or mobile apps, everteam.process is worth looking at. Our process automation solution helps automate existing systems’ interactions and processes and expose them via web services in your customer-facing business applications.

Process automation gives you a cost-effective way to modernize your legacy systems and get past the rigidity of existing black box systems that no longer provide all the functionality you need to support your employees or customers. It enables you to leverage existing data and processes in new ways, driving true transformation in your organization. This business transformation is our focus as we continue to build on our process automation offering.

“Our 2017 KMWorld Trend-Setting Products result from innovation and imagination, as well as from evolution,” says Sandra Haimila, editor of KMWorld. “The products reflect the ingenuity of the developers and the diversity of invention. More than anything else, the 2017 Trend-Setting Products have captured our attention because of their ability to meet business needs by transforming information into insight.”

To learn more about how process automation is driving today, and tomorrow’s business transformation, download our whitepaper: Empowering Customer Experience with Process Automation and check out more details on everteam.process.

About Everteam

Everteam is a global software vendor specializing in information governance, content management and process automation solutions for mid to large corporate enterprises and government entities. With over 25 years experience and innovation in the field of Enterprise Content Management. Everteam works with enterprise customers across the world, including Florida Blue, First Financial Bank, Orbitz, St. Gobain, Singapore Airlines, BNP Paribas, British Sky Broadcasting and Slate Street. Everteam is headquartered in Lyon (EU) and Boston (US), with regional offices in Beirut, Dubai and Paris.

About KMWorld
KMWorld (www.kmworld.com) is the leading information provider serving the Knowledge Management systems market and covers the latest in Content, Document and Knowledge Management, informing more than 21,000 subscribers about the components and processes – and subsequent success stories – that together offer solutions for improving business performance. KMWorld is a publishing unit of Information Today, Inc. (www.infotoday.com)

Everteam and InfoDNA Solutions Partner to Deliver Enterprise Information Governance Solutions

Shared Goal to Increase Enterprise Operational Efficiency Through Improvements to Information Lifecycle Management

September 6, 2017 Boston, MA: Everteam, a leading provider of information governance software and InfoDNA Solutions, LLC, a leading provider of data governance implementations announce a strategic partnership to support enterprises as they strive to manage complex and growing enterprise content and related compliance requirements.

There is no shortage of information within enterprise companies, especially unstructured content in the form of documents, media files, emails and other text-based information. Much of this information is stored in applications, shared drives, files shares, and cloud-based file storage, leaving enterprises with little to no insight into what information they have and where it’s located.

The exponential growth of unstructured content spread over an increasing set of applications, and file repositories is making corporate governance and regulatory compliance an immense challenge. IT departments are struggling with the weight of this challenge, while compliance departments face higher levels of regulatory requirements.

Together, InfoDNA Solutions and Everteam offer both the strategic guidance to get a handle on this information and the technology to ensure you can manage it according to well-defined governance policies and compliance requirements.

“We chose to partner with InfoDNA because of its unique expertise in large scale Information Governance as it relates to content management,” said Firas Raouf, Everteam CEO. “InfoDNA Solutions has extensive experience helping very large organizations develop practical approaches to implementing complex content governance policies through technology. As Everteam expands its information governance solution set, we find InfoDNA’s ability to turn technology into customer solutions to be a key part of our growth strategy.”

InfoDNA Solutions has defined a proven process to identify, classify, and ingest content to be managed, and assists in aligning business process with the information lifecycle. With the help of Everteam’s complete set of information governance tools, including file and content analytics, records management and application archiving, InfoDNA ensures enterprises are equipped with everything necessary to manage the complete lifecycle of all their information.

“Many enterprises don’t even know what information they have, so they can’t get to the phase of cleaning it up. With our knowledge and experience, and Everteam’s set of Information Governance software tools, our customers can confidently increase operational efficiency through business process and information management improvements,” said Gungor Aydogmus, InfoDNA Solutions CEO. “What’s great about Everteam’s solutions is that we can use them individually, or together, and integrate them with existing technologies already established within enterprises.”

Everteam and InfoDNA Solutions are committed to helping enterprises repair their content management foundation without the “rip and replace” approach many other solution providers prescribe. This approach will help Enterprises repair their legacy issues while providing a go forward information management process.

You can learn more about how Everteam and InfoDNA Solutions can support your information governance strategy by contacting:

Everteam Contact: Ken Lownie (978) 618-2363

InfoDNA Solutions: Gungor Aydogmus (713) 416-3195.

About InfoDNA Solutions

InfoDNA Solutions develops information classification solutions that enable enterprises to collect, classify, validate, control and search unstructured information. With over 5 years of experience working with enterprises such as ExxonMobile, Hess Energy, and Texas Office of Attorney General, InfoDNA helps enterprises understand their information landscape and provides the solutions that turn that information into profit.

About Everteam

Everteam is a global software vendor specializing in information governance, content management and process automation solutions for mid to large corporate enterprises and government entities. With over 25 years experience and innovation in the field of Enterprise Content Management, Everteam works with enterprise customers across the world, including Florida Blue, First Financial Bank, Consolidated Communications, British Sky Broadcasting and GE Capital.

Everteam and Forefront Technologies Create Strategic Partnership Agreement

Together Everteam and Forefront offer a feature-rich solution for application archiving, content analytics, automated document management, and records management

Everteam, a leading technology provider of information governance and content management solutions is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Forefront Technologies, a proven leader in Enterprise Information Management consulting, software, and systems integration. Together the two companies offer a comprehensive and extensive set of solutions and services that will greatly benefit all organizations grappling with the continued management and growth of content and its proper lifecycle management.

“Many enterprises today are struggling to understand what content they have in their disparate file and application repositories,” said Firas Raouf, Everteam CEO. “Together, Forefront and Everteam provide a solution that will not only show them what they have in those repositories but also provide the records management and archiving capabilities required to ensure that content is secure, accessible, and meets compliance requirements.”

Too often, enterprises are storing content in disparate repositories, such as ECM systems (like Documentum, OpenText, and FileNet) or shared file drives (like Google Drive or Office365), with no understanding of what they have, or if that content is even needed. This opens the door to data theft, costly expansion, and potential litigation that wouldn’t happen if that content was actively managed. Proper records management, including archiving inactive content that must be maintained for compliance purposes and the destruction of content no longer needed, according to defined disposition policies, is critical to every enterprise’s success.

With the combined software and implementation expertise from the two companies, enterprises now have an affordable, high-value solution to implement records management, archiving and intelligent analytics on their all their content repositories.

“We are very excited to be working with Everteam to provide a set of highly effective solutions to support organizations as they drive forward business transformation strategies,” said Randall Smith, Forefront Technologies. “Our combined expertise in Enterprise Information Management enables us to offer end-to-end solutions that not only add value to business processes and performance, but also are cost-effective and add to our client’s bottom line.”

Whether you are looking for specific solutions to help manage files, emails, or application data, including decommission legacy applications, or looking for expert guidance to help any step along the way, Everteam and Forefront are the team you need.

You can learn more about the new partnership and offering by contacting:

Everteam Contact: Nick Sabol, Sales Director – US and Canada (+1 248-760-2027)

Forefront Technologies Contact: Randall Smith, ​(+1 336-223-8480)

About Forefront Technologies

Forefront Technologies is a technology services, software and systems integration firm focused on providing comprehensive, cost effective, content and knowledge management solutions for today’s forward-thinking enterprises. Our strengths lie in our expert ability to work together with our clients to define and implement systems and solutions that quickly add value to the bottom line. We deliver solutions to a wide range of industry types and sizes with clients varying from Small-Medium Businesses (SMBs) to Fortune 500 global corporations.

About Everteam

Everteam is a global software vendor specializing in information governance, content management and process automation solutions for mid to large corporate enterprises and government entities. With over 25 years experience and innovation in the field of Enterprise Content Management, Everteam works with enterprise customers across the world, including Florida Blue, First Financial Bank, Consolidated Communications, British Sky Broadcasting and GE Capital.

Kofax & Everteam announce an end-to-end digital transformation solution

Kofax & Everteam announce an end-to-end digital transformation solution for the document processing and content management

Enterprises undergoing digital transformation face challenges in managing the exponential growth of business content, which puts strain on meeting compliance requirements and IT cost constraints. Transforming paper and digital content into seamless business workflows is a growing challenge as customers and business users demand instant access and outcomes.

As a result, Everteam, a content management and information governance software company, and Kofax, a leading provider of information capture and process automation solutions, announced their partnership to offer their customers the ability to manage the entire document life-cycle through joint product integration.

Complementary solutions placing customer satisfaction at the heart of enterprise digital transformation projects.

This partnership is the result of the two companies’ goal to offer a complete and secure document management solution to the market. The initiative follows several joint customer implementation projects including BNP PARIBAS Cardif, AGRICA, CAFAT, Caisse d’Epargne, and Loire Rhone Ardèche.

“Everteam’s technology integration allowed us to provide a comprehensive digital transformation solution to our customers. Beside the exceptional levels of service and efficiency, they will benefit from a considerable operating costs reduction thanks to this partnership,” Said Florent Bavoux, Kofax Strategic Alliances Manager in EMEA. “We are very pleased to be working with Everteam.” The integration allows customers to manage the content contained in decently digitized paper documents using Kofax Capture technology. Everteam Eversuite Document Management technology, in turn, provides the management of that content through business workflows and records management. The objective is to enable the automation of document-centric processes with positive return on investment and improved customer experience.

This integrated offering is particularly aimed at Financial Services and Healthcare companies that manage massive volumes of offline and online content and documents.

“This collaboration is an important step in implementing Everteam’s global partnership strategy to better meet market requirements,” said Firas Raouf, CEO of Everteam. “We are delighted to be working with Kofax to deliver an increasingly strong and innovative business values our joint customers.”

About Everteam

Everteam drives better outcomes by delivering user-friendly solutions for complex business processes. Everteam connects people, process and content to automate and streamline business workflows, which would otherwise be time-consuming, error-ridden, and non-compliant.

About Kofax

Leader in capture solutions associated with BPMTM. These award-winning solutions capture and streamline the flow of critical information within a company reliably, quickly and costeffectively. Kofax solutions deliver a rapid return on investment to more than 20,000 customers in the banking, insurance, public sector, healthcare, BPO service providers and other industries

[Press Release]Platinum Partnership Agreement Signed between Everteam and Jeraisy Computer & Communication Services

Making Way for an Automated Business Culture in KSA

KSA, June 6th 2017, marked a milestone between Everteam and Jeraisy Group as they decided to upgrade their professional relationship to a “Platinum Partnership” through which Jeraisy Group became an authorized seller for Everteam solutions and products. The aim of this partnership is to deliver the most advanced technologies & data solutions to the highest number of corporates in the Kingdom who wish to take their businesses to a whole new level through automation. Jeraisy Group now promotes more than 4 cutting-edge solutions concerned with enterprise data automation and management.

News was announced during an Iftar held at the Four Seasons Hotel – Riyadh, shortly after Jeraisy Group was awarded the Best Partner for the year 2016 by Everteam. Top management, sales & presales teams from the three companies, including CompTechCo attended this Iftar.

This partnership is seen as an important step towards the growing use of solutions in the Saudi market and creating an automated business culture in KSA. Both public and private organizations in KSA understand the importance of automation and the vital role it plays for a Digital Transformation. Due to that, a number of Saudi companies choose to collaborate with Everteam, among the leading solution providers in the Gulf region.

The KSA market is attracting foreign companies in addition to the fast-growing local ones which depend heavily on automation to improve and speed up their business processes. “The fact that business owners are ready to embark on digital transformation initiatives with us makes us delighted. Ambition is the real motive for development, and we –with Everteam- are helping to make it achievable” as stated by executives at Jeraisy.

Jeraisy Group comprises around 10 companies scattered over the Kingdom. These companies cover various industries, some examples include computers & communication, furniture and also women skills development. As strong believers in the power of automation, Jeraisy Group is committed to delivering the latest solutions to its customers in order to improve their business practices. Particularly Jeraisy Computer and Communication Services, a subsidiary of Jeraisy Group specialized in IT, data, software, and solution matters; this collaboration with Everteam will provide the company with solutions that will be a valuable addition to the company’s product offering.

“We have offered the Saudi community our best services in different fields, but what we are providing today, in collaboration with Everteam is on an international level. Businesses will match the latest universal data management standards and practices through a variety of solutions which will transcend the operations to a whole new level.” said corporates from Jeraisy Computer and Communication Services.

“Organizations in the Kingdom are developing rapidly, and people are depending more on IT to handle and manage their documents, data, mail, business processes and other types of information. It would be amazing if we could match their desires with our high-tech solutions to maximize the benefits and help them develop their operations” said Mr. Bilal Hmedeh, Executive Manager at Everteam Global Services.

About Jeraisy Computer and Comm. Services (JCCS):

The introduction of state-of-the-art technology in Saudi Arabia has always been JCCS foremost objective and this is pursued in the company’s humble contribution towards the Kingdom’s goal of developing technological self-sufficiency. JCCS has found itself in a unique position to capture some of these opportunities, due to its market exposure and the vision of its team. Throughout its history, JCCS has been an initiator of business opportunities in a pro-active way. With resources and intellectual reservoirs of great depth and breadth to draw from, JCCS combines insight, knowledge and original thinking to create new values.

[Press Release]Everteam Promotes Latest Technological Innovations

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