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Job itw : technical and functional consultant

ITW job : Technical and functional consultant

Department  Customer Success


What does your job of technical and functional consultant involve ?

 Within Everteam I have and I still exercise various functions. I integrated the company as a developer and I evolved thereafter in

  • Project Manager (Technical and Functional) ,
  • Technical Accountability,
  • Technical Director / CTO
  • Technical and functional consultant

The different experiences I have acquired allow me to be versatile on the current needs of our service, namely : 

  • Technical and functional assistance to customers and partners projects 
  • In complex situations (crisis) help the customer / partner to define the right approach to get out and mobilize the right profiles
  • Active collaboration with the Head of the BU, to develop our service. Apart from our complementary experiences, we are almost starting from scratch


  • The novelty also of my position is the participation with the product on the specification of new modules (technological solutions) responding to needs expressed by customers in the context of their projects.
  • Participation in pre-sales to detail certain technical aspects and answer questions from customers


What Skills are required for this position ? 

A Customer Success resource , performing the role of technical consultant must

  • Be multi-faceted profile
  • Be familiar with the company’s products (technical and functional)
  • Have a good technical knowledge of the environments and ecosystem of our products, each installation / deployment customer brings its share of constraints and requirements that must be met and reassure the customer with concrete solutions.
  • Perseverance and patience: the problems we are asked to deal with at Customer Success  have already been dealt with by our partners, support and sometimes our products. Therefore, CS has to go back to the analysis done by each of us, check if we missed an important detail and come up with new leads and solutions. We also have to be very methodical.


Finally, you have to be totally committed: the problem of the Client/Partner must be treated as if it were your own, up to a certain limit of course.

What is your basic training?

  • Bac +5 IT Management in Lyon 3


Why work for a software vendor as Everteam?

Things came by themselves:

– In a service company, we approach very varied missions which give us a very broad spectrum of skills, but nothing very perennial.

In a software company, there is generally one axis, one product that stands out and that allows us to concentrate our skills in order to realize it and make it evolve.


On which subjects do your job and your skills have an impact in the life of the company?

  • Product development
  • Bug fixing
  • Technical infrastructure – software or hardware

Can you share with us some successes or moments that made you happy during your missions?

Every customer/partner satisfaction is a success and a pleasure for us. There is nothing more beautiful than a customer feedback appreciating our efforts and the results obtained after complex situations. 

Lately :

  • A client who thanks us for our help in getting his Application Migration into production
  • Another customer who found easy to master as part of the SAP Connector and very interesting for the other features
Be multi-faceted profile and have a good knowledge
Be passionalte about customer service
Have courage and never give up when face with a problem.