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Expert in information governance whatever your sector of activity.

Company profile : large company

You already have an electronic document management system and want to set up a document retention repository

Discover Everteam.policy

You need a tool to search, analyze and index your unstructured data, whatever their location in different sources

Discover Everteam.Discover

Company profile SMB or a department of a large account

You have already set up an information system, an EDM or an archiving solution and you wish to work in a more specific way on your data chaos. Everteam For You brings professional bricks to your problems with packaged solutions
Analyze, process and act on your office file trees to localize and clean up your Dark data
Everteam for fileshare
Analyze your mailboxes to sort, value, and archive your emails
Everteam for Exchange
An alternative to storing and archiving your SAP documents
Everteam for SAP

You are looking for an electronic archiving solution certified NF 426013 100% Cloud

Everteam for ID Archive

You just need a cloud-based data retention repository

Everteam for policy

You are in the real estate business and you are looking for a Sanctuary DMS

Everteam for Real Estate

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