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Job itw : Documentary engineer

Job itw : Documentary engineer

Documentary Engineer

Product Engineering Department

In a few words?

  • Name Marie 
  • Documentary Engineer function
  • Seniority at Everteam: 20 years, I started in pre-sales, and held several positions before my current position.


What is your job of documentary engineer ?

I take care of the documentation, tests, packaging, quality assurance, on the products we edit.

What is your background?

Scientific baccalaureate, DEUG History of art and archeology, the Louvre school, Dut Computer Science, then Maitrise Communication and Audiovisual. The idea in my course, is to put together the technical, visual, didactic, and exhibition parts of the products.

Why work for a software company?

The products are developed in-house, for a professional audience.

I feel that the importance of the interface between the developers who are very technical, and the users who need a product that works and is accessible, requires a person who will blend everything together in order to offer and expose something that corresponds to the reality of the use of a project in the company.


What qualifications, qualities and skills does the job of documentary engineer require?

  • Technical cap but not too much
  • Rigor in terms of the tests that we want to implement and develop
  • Editorial rigor
  • An interest and importance to the rendering and the interface for the end user.

In conclusion, a mix between the technical and the popularization of development features that are very complex.

Does this job correspond to the image you had of it?

It’s a job that evolves every day, just like the technologies we use.

Our solutions have also evolved a lot at Everteam. We have gone from stand-alone products for Archiving, Document Management and Library Management to a suite that tries to bring these three products together (IG SUITE).  This gives us a wide range of products.

Hence the need to adapt to the market, to the users, to know how to talk about the customers’ businesses and to provide accessible but complete solutions.

In what areas do your skills have an impact on the life and/or development of the company?

To offer a packaged and finalized solution, because, for example, this is not the job of a developer. All the use of the product goes through the Engineering, Documentation and Quality Assurance department.


What advice would you give to a young person, for example, who would like to do this job? or to a person in retraining?

Important adaptability to the changing market and always be able to move forward, to use other technologies, other tools.

Important rigor, didactic eye to be able to popularize.

In addition to the IG Suite, we have various offerings:

  • Everteam Archive for the Archive part
  • Everteam Discover for research, document management and the associated information deluge.
  • Everteam Policy for Information Governance.

All this contributes to a range of products, processes and trades that are important.

This requires knowledge of our end-users’ day-to-day business, their problems and the ability to respond in a simple manner.

How does one acquire this business culture?

Through pre-sales, and internally, through communication via sales people or consultants who give us feedback on the business.

For the concrete business situations of the moment, we also have the Customer Success team that provides us with information on the ground in relation to the demands of the end users. 

Upstream-front communication and cross-functional positioning, it’s an exciting job.

Love technology, be literary, love to get your hands dirty, and be able to talk to different people to find the right words and make the solution accessible. This is a cross-functional position that requires the ability to work with different profiles within the company.