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2021 Retrospective

How about a retrospective of 2021 to start 2022?  This year was rich in meetings and events for Everteam and allowed us to work on new offers and contents. Everteam for you is the image of our repositioning on the SMB market.

At the same time, we have continued to provide our expertise in order to meet the needs of companies, around information governance, and digital bulk management.


Content created for you on 2021


  • 1 new everteam website in French and English
  • 1 glossary of information governance is available in French and in English, gathering the terms of our business
  • 4 podcasts
  • 9 articles
  • 6 articles in the press
  • 2 videos
  • 2 trade shows : Documation and REAL IT
  • 2 events in Lyon and Paris
  • 5 conferences (3 conferences + 2 round tables)
  • 3 webinars
  • 2 users clubs
  • 2 Partner meetings
  • 8 Discovery workshops


Did you miss them? The links below will allow you to access them directly :


3 Everteam Webinars on EDM and archiving (French only)

  1. Documentary management of real estate assets with the Fijdi and Icawood association.
  2. The outsourcing of your business processes with Jouve and TNP Consultants.
  3. How electronic archiving contributes to the transformation of your company with Jouve and TNP Consultants.


4 Articles about digital bulk management and IA


 5 Interviews on Everteam jobs


4 of the job interviews are also available in podcast (French only)


Take 1 minute to see the 2021 summary  on video